Natural Lice Killing Hair Mask

There are several effective things that you can/should do to treat lice naturally. A good place to start is an easy, DIY natural lice killing hair mask.

How to Make Your Favorite Fall Treats {Healthy}

When fall rolls around, most are super excited for the delicious pumpkin and apple fall treats. But, most of these are filled with toxic pesticides and additives that will harm your health for the coming winter illness season. Use these natural recipes to still enjoy your favorite fall treats in a healthy way!

It's getting to be that time of the year to bring out the favorite fall treats. Give them a healthy makeover with these recipes!


5 Syrups to Make For Your Winter Medicine Cabinet

Immuneboosting and illness aiding syrups are cheap, fun and easy to make. Get these five syrups ready for the fall and winter bugs for your little ones!

So many people get sick in the cold months. Fill the winter medicine cabinet with syrups to boost your health before illness comes blowing in.


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