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Healthy eating can be hard…

We know.  Healthy eating can really be hard.  And if your family is anything like ours, then they’re hungry all.the.time.  (What’s with that?!)

So many moms are looking for new ideas, new recipes, healthier options that will actually satisfy their families…without breaking the bank.  (Healthy, inexpensive, and easy — that’s the trifecta, isn’t it?)

There are lots of meal planning services out there that promise you that, but they fall flat.  They use the same recipes over and over on rotation, so that after a few months, you may not be stuck in your rut anymore, but you’re still in a rut!  And, many offer these beautiful, gourmet dishes every night — which take way too long to cook, are expensive, use hard-to-find ingredients, and that your kids won’t even try.

Forget that noise.

We’ve got the service you need for today’s real families — with limited time, a limited budget, and kids to please.

Meet Tradishen

Tradishen’s the menu planning service you need.  Our slogan is ” Real food for real people,” and we take that seriously.

All of our recipes are 100% real food — you won’t find any processed ingredients or short cuts here.

That doesn’t mean the recipes are hard or that they use strange ingredients.  No, our recipes come together quickly, use fresh flavors, and are family-pleasing.  They’re exactly what you need to make your life easier.

Don’t believe us?  See what our current customers are saying!

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Our plans are so easy, they work with what you’ve got on hand in your pantry!

And, the recipes are so delicious, our customers are making them again and again:

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Our customers also love how simple the plans are.

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And, they appreciate that our menus really do stand out from other meal planning services’ options.

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The Tradishen Ambassador Group

We’re launching a new Tradishen Ambassador Group!  This group gets extra special options, above and beyond what our normal customers get.  And, you’ll get a much better price, too!

What’s Included

Full Access to All Tradishen Premium Features

This includes all of our 600+ real food recipes, a fully customizable menu plan, a grocery list, search-by-allergen option, and more.

Weekly Plan and List Emailed

We’ll also send you the menu of your choice with a grocery list, straight to your email.  The menu contains:

  • 5 unique dinners, with full ingredients and directions on a single page
  • Suggestions on breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for 5 days on a single page
  • A “bonus” recipe using up extra/leftover ingredients
  • 1 dessert suggestion
  • Complete grocery list


The menu is easily printable from a PDF, so you can stick it directly to your fridge.  It comes in Classic Clean, Paleo, and Vegetarian.

Facebook Support Group

You’ll have 24/7 access to our Facebook support group, where you can chat with other members, and ask questions of our staff.  The staff checks in daily (and often more than once) and is there to help you, in case you need anything at all!

We’ll also be taking your suggestions and ideas on how to improve our menus, so you’ll see tweaks happening each week that make the menu even more valuable to you!

Monthly Surveys with a Chance to WIN

Each month, we’ll be offering surveys — so that you can tell us honestly what you like, what you don’t like, what you want to see us change, and more.  Every time you fill out a survey, you are eligible to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

Join the ambassador program

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How Do I Get In on This?

Sound amazing?  You haven’t heard the best part.

Regular Tradishen premium access — without the email menus, Facebook support, or monthly surveys, is usually $15 a month.

But, we’re going to give you the entire package for just $2.99 a month!*

Amazing, real food meals.  Grocery budget savings (that are certainly going to be more than $3 a month).  Instant access to a community of real foodies and our responsive staff.  A menu plan that’s done for you yet is customizable.  The chance to win just by filling out short surveys.

You just can’t beat this!

All you need to do is click below to get started!  Use code TRYTRADISHEN to get the $2.99 price.  

Join the ambassador program

*Introductory price good for 3 months.

I’m Still Not Sure….

We get it.  You’ve tried other plans before, and you just aren’t sure that these will work for you.  That’s okay!  We’d like to offer you a FREE sample of our menus!


These are our full, complete menus — exactly what you’d get each week as a part of this program.  And, if there’s a recipe or two you don’t prefer, you can switch it for one you do, from any of the 600+ in our database.  You can also direct any questions you have to our staff at  Don’t forget to join our Facebook group!

If there’s anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to email us.  We know you’ll love our plans.  In fact, we know you’ll love them so much that we’ll let you try the first two weeks of the plans for FREE!

You’ve got nothing to lose.  Nothing.  Just click that button below and let’s get started!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Join the ambassador program

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