Profile: HPV

Photo by Pixabay By Danielle, contributing writer You can’t watch TV or play a YouTube video without being hit with …

Profile: Diptheria

Photo by Pixabay By Danielle, Contributing writer Just the mention of the bacteria diphtheria is enough to bring terror in the …

Profile: HiB

HiB is a bacteria that currently has six different vaccines on the market. Learn the risk of infection associated with HiB, as well as treatment options.


Profile: Marshmallow Root

The herb, marshmallow root can be just what is needed for a sore throat, among other health benefits. Find out a yummy use for this herb!

Herbal Profile: Spearmint

Spearmint is an herb most known for its refreshing flavor. Learn about the many medicinal and health boosting properties of spearmint as well!

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Really Need?

Sleep provides so many essential benefits for our growing children.

One of the most difficult struggles we have as parents is making sure our children get enough quality sleep at the right time. How much sleep is enough?


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