Mandatory Vaccination is the Epitome of Privilege

admin August 8, 2017

There have been some articles floating around lately, attempting to accuse parents who opt out of some or all vaccines of being “privileged.”  It’s all intended to make it seem like thinking for yourself and wanting to make your own medical decisions is some kind of “special snowflake” thing.

It’s really gotten kind of ridiculous.

The quintessential picture of the “anti-vaxxer,” if you listen to the media, is the reasonably well-educated, white, upper-middle-class parent who read an article or two online about how vaccines are harmful, and is now convinced that their precious baby will never receive such poisons…while knowingly and deliberately expecting others to vaccinate to protect their perfect snowflake.

Of course, this is an absolutely ridiculous and false caricature.  But, it’s easier to argue with a caricature than reality, which is why they keep doing it.  It’s a fact-less, infantile, rage-fueled ball of nonsense.

This latest argument, that refusing vaccines is a sign of privilege has really taken it over the top.  It’s time to stop and think about what privilege actually is, and who in this situation really has it.

Mandatory Vaccination is the Epitome of Privilege

It seems like the rabid pro-vax world is simply filled with meglomaniac narcissists.  They literally believe what they are saying, even though to anyone with critical thinking skills, it’s insane on its face.

They’re actually making the argument that by asking questions, reading scientific information, and retaining the right to make your own medical decisions, you’re exercising “privilege.”

But the real privilege actually lies with those who are trying to force mandatory vaccines.

Who is really in control of the mandatory vaccination situation?  It’s the government.  The doctors.  The elite.

The goal of mandatory vaccination — especially the ever-so-rampant propaganda campaigns — is to control people with fear.  To tell people, “These diseases are horribly scary, vaccines are completely safe, you have to vaccinate or else we’ll fine you, bar you from school, maybe even take your children.”

There is no informed consent.  Nobody is giving these people a chance to ask questions — or if they do, they’re told that smart parents don’t question the CDC or doctors.  Sometimes, they’re even manipulated in the moment, told their child will die if they don’t get a vaccine immediately!  They’re bullied and harassed just for wanting to think through the issue.

That’s privilege.

When a group of people control the thoughts, feelings, and decisions of others through fear, manipulation, and threats — they are privileged.  They are controlling others.  The people who feel they have no choice but to do what they’re told, who have no access to real information, they are at the mercy of the privileged.

Mandatory Vaccination is the Epitome of Privilege

“Under Privileged” People are At Most Risk

Nowhere is this so painfully obvious as among the under-privileged.

They usually only have access to clinics where they are told “Vaccinating is what you do.”  They are not given any real information.  They are not told there is any controversy.  They are not told there are any risks.

If a child has a reaction, they are told, “That cannot possibly be related to the vaccine.  Do you want your child to die?  If not, you had better keep vaccinating.”

These families are struggling enough as it is; they don’t need to be bullied and manipulated, too!  Yet…they are.  Constantly.

How does anyone not see the privilege shining through here?  The very idea that it’s okay for a small group of people to decide what’s best for everyone — no exceptions — and then force it on them if they are reluctant or don’t comply is the epitome of privilege!

Informed Consent Matters

Every single person deserves informed consent.

Every parent — no matter their race, class, etc. — deserves to have access to the honest risks and benefits of every medical decision, including vaccines.  They deserve to be able to make their own decision, free of manipulation and fearmongering.

It isn’t that hard.

The basic right to decide what medical to accept or reject is fundamental.  The only person that can decide what goes into their body is the person themselves, or their parent/guardian.

Compelling people in any other manner is morally wrong.

Protect everyone’s right to make their own medical decisions — whether they choose to fully vaccinate, partially vaccinate, or not vaccinate — by saying no to mandatory vaccination.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in all vaccines…except the flu shot.  Or if you get every single one…but on a different schedule.  All of that is considered “privilege” by those with a few screws loose!

Asking to keep your basic human rights is not privilege.  Believing it is right for you to control and manipulate another person is privilege.

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Do you think mandatory vaccination schemes are privileged?

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  1. Great piece. Well said, and right on the money: human rights are an inherent right. The need and “authority” to control others is contrived.


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