Real Food on a Budget: BushelBox to the Rescue!

Jaclyn Harwell November 25, 2016

Keeping a healthy lifestyle budget-friendly is important to us around here. Here, we tell you about five ways to make the alternative lifestyle more budget-friendly. At the top of that post, you’ll see our advice to share real food and natural health items with friends, which is exactly what we want to tell you about today.

Below, contributor Jaclyn shares how our sponsor BushelBox can help you save money and get your hands on real food and other natural living items on a budget.

The Real Food Conundrum

Eating real food is one of the most important things you can do for your family. It’s great if you can learn about herbal medicine and other ways to help your family stay healthy, but nothing can replace the importance of nutrition.

However, we all know that keeping real food around can be expensive, and when you’re on a budget, it can be frustrating to avoid junkie ingredients while saving money.

That’s why it’s so helpful to find ways to save money while sticking with the standards that are so important to you. Buying in bulk accomplishes that, and we’ve shared about how shopping at Costco can save you lots of money, but what if buying in bulk isn’t always possible? You don’t always want 42 bags of nuts, ya know?

Real Food on a Budget: BushelBox to the Rescue!

Buy Real Food in Bulk Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone knows that buying in bulk saves money in the long run, but it’s not exactly budget-friendly when you really only need a pound or two of something, rather than 12-24.

That’s where BushelBox comes in!

BushelBox allows you to order in bulk, while sharing the cost with friends, so you each get just what you need.

The BushelBox Story

Bushel Box has been around for about three years, and started when a group of mamas wanted to keep feeding their families healthy, organic foods for less money, so they started a buying club. They bought food in bulk form local producers at a discount and distributed amongst themselves. There, they developed a passion to help other families do the same thing. That is when BushelBox was born. Now, anyone can buy delicious products at awesome discounts by sharing the savings with their neighbors.

BushelBox is currently offering fairtrade coffee, natural popcorn and granola, a large and lovely assortment of teas, lip balm, and yummy snacks like our favorite Nick’s Sticks!

How to Use BushelBox

The way the app works is simple- anyone can start a buy for whatever product they want.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Browse current offerings.
  3. Select the item/s you want to buy. Items will indicate how many come in an order. Read more about that the group buying works below.
  4. Invite friends to go in on the order with you by clicking “Invite Your Community” on the item page. Fill out the requested information.
  5. Place the order.
  6. Receive the order, divide it up, and enjoy the savings!

How the Group Buy Works with BushelBox

Once you’ve invited your friends in on a buy and the order has been established, the BushelBox site makes everything pretty simple. It even deals with complicated stuff like dividing up shipping costs! Payment takes place on the app and then the goods will get shipped to one house and distributed from there.

It’s important to only share orders with people who will be able to get the items directly from you, as all items ship together to one place.

What Can I Buy from BushelBox?

As we mentioned above, right now BushelBox is offering some really great deals!

Right now, you can get

  • a yummy granola from Hammer and Tuffy, with three different flavors, including blueberry and raising, for over 35% off retail
  • an assortment of 40 lovely tea mixes from Labrang Tea Traders for 20% off retail
  • delicious nut butters from Bliss Nut Butter for 30% off retail
  • Nick’s Sticks meat sticks, which we’ve talked about before, for 35% off retail

and more, like lip balms, and natural, non-GMO snacks!

(In the future, BushelBox plans to expand what they offer, including dried fruits and nuts.)

Not only do each of these buys offer considerable savings, but many of the companies are small businesses, owned by women like you, who saw a need for real food, and created products that you can be proud to feed your family.

Supporting companies like BushelBox and the products they offer is a great way to also support your family’s health!

Real Food on a Budget: BushelBox to the Rescue!

Want to Save Money on Real Food? Try BushelBox today!

Be sure to share using one of our links to get your friends in on the money-saving fun.

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