Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism? How Clever…

admin May 31, 2016

Vaccines Don't Cause Autism How Clever

There’s a trending story that’s making the internet rounds today.  It’s a 12-year-old kid living in Mexico, Marco Arturo, who made a “science video” mocking people who question vaccines.

It’s, as usual, devoid of facts and amounts to little more than uninformed bullying.  Naturally, it’s being heralded by the kind of brain-dead pro- vaccine nut jobs that the internet regularly produces.  The kind of people who don’t understand the importance of actually examining new scientific information critically and having an honest conversation.  The kind of people who just like to repeat the same tired old lines and shout how they are so much smarter than everyone else.

I kind of imagine them as “cavemen” of sorts — pounding on their keyboards, drooling, and thinking that they have won, while all of the actual intelligent people are smirking and shaking their heads at how painfully, obviously ignorant they are.

Yeah, these “pro-vax” bullies make me angry.

Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism?  How Clever…

With today’s youth bullying problem, it’s kind of amazing that people are so excited about a 12-year-old publicly bullying people.  But, it’s completely acceptable to bully people who question vaccines, because there actually is no legitimate pro- vaccine argument anymore, so bullying is all they have left.

Still, it’s beyond sad to see a kid do it.  And be lauded for it.  I really hope someone in his life clues him in to both the proper way to treat people with different opinions, and the scientific facts surrounding vaccines, before he is an adult.  I really hope so.

(Although really at fault are all of the adults pretending this video is amazing.  They really ought to know better.  They clearly don’t.  I honestly feel sad for the pro-vax movement at this point, if this is what they consider “amazing science.”  Really, this is the best they have to offer?)

Anyway, let’s take a look at the “information” in this little video.

The kid basically claims he has a folder of evidence that vaccines cause autism…and when he opens it, it’s just a bunch of blank pages.  He pretends to be confused for several seconds, then starts yelling at the camera that there is “no evidence that vaccines cause autism whatsoever.”

He goes on to recite the same, exact, tired lines.  “It’s everyone’s child.  It’s everyone’s child you’re putting in danger because you read some forwarded email.”  (Herd immunity lies.)

He ends with ” Vaccinate your children.  As you can see, none of the sheets of paper in here had anything written on them.  Oh, except for this one.”  It says “MIC” and he drops it.

Oh, how sad.

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Analysis of the Video

I really hoped that there would be something significant to this video.  Something that I haven’t heard a thousand times before.  Something of substance, some actual science.

I was sadly disappointed.

Let’s start with the empty folder.  Just because you don’t choose to read the actual science out there, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  It absolutely does.  Such as…


Anyway.  You get the point.  There is clear evidence.  And these are just the studies I was able to pull up in about 15 minutes’ time.  Imagine if I spent hours?  It would be more than that kid spent — and far more than “reading a forwarded email.”  (Sounds more like his ‘research’ honestly.)

So, look.  It’s perfectly legitimate to actually question vaccines these days.  The evidence that they’re not as safe or effective (I didn’t even touch on the ‘effective’ part in this post, but there are lots of studies) is mounting.

What’s not legitimate is continuing to shout the same ol’ propaganda and hope no one actually thinks for themselves.  That’s so 1998.  You know — before this kid was even born.


How do you feel about this video and issue?

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  1. Regardless of your views on vaccines, I don’t think it’s right to call a child lazy and stupid. That actually seems more like bullying to me than anything he said in his video.


  2. I think the key with these studies that you’ve listed is that they pose questions. And we need to recognize the thousands of hours that doctors spend learning about how the body works, and defer to their expertise in interpreting what to actually make of all these studies.

    Not sure why people who don’t have the experience or education to really understand things believe that citing a list of studies constitutes “evidence” of anything.


  3. Jane, I agree that many doctors have spent thousands of hours researching vaccines – doctors like Suzaanne Humphries and Sherri Tenoenny and Lucija Tomljenovic. They unequivocally state that vaccines are not safe. For the average Doctor, who simply studies vaccines for a very short period of time, a day or two in class, leaning the schedule and how to administer the shots – these doctors shouldn’t be giving vaccines. Or at the very least, if they believe that the entire recommended vaccine schedule – all 74 doses by age 18 – are completely safe and won’t injure, they need to accept liability for the vaccines if they injure!


  4. I cannot understand why anyone would think that this child’s pathetic rant which is obviously coached holds any significance at all from a scientific perspective!

    Jane you talk about experience and understanding. So someone who has been studying vaccines every day for 20 years due to their child being severely injured by vaccines and doing everything possible to understand how the human body and immune system works has less ‘experience’than a Dr who gets not even one full class at college on this exact subject? Interesting point of view and I have to very respectfully disagree.

    The links posted in this article aren’t posted to show the writers knowledge although as you can see she is very knowledgable, they were posted to show there is evidence that vaccines cause harm and to many. I do wish people would try actually being grown people and do a little reading in the whole subject instead of just ignoring what’s right there in front of them.


  5. I must be missing something – where is the video?


  6. What really struck me about the video was a child thinking what little he stated would “settle this.” I just read another article covering this issue. It is here –


  7. Again a perfect article from you! Thanks a lot Kate. I really love your blog!


  8. I think the point of the video is the argument that vaccines cause Autism has been already put to bed, kicked, buried and solved. Anyone who does understand science agrees. And the ones that don’t are putting us at risk by not vaccinating their children. But Hey…Electrical power lines also cause Leukemia.


    • I actually feel very sad for you that you won’t look at the studies that contradict your faulty view on this matter. Children are being damaged because you can’t put ego aside and look at the emerging facts.


  9. “And these are just the studies I was able to pull up in about 15 minutes’ time. Imagine if I spent hours? ”
    Given the strength of your opinions I would have assumed you already had.


  10. I choose to listen to alternative voices because the voices of “authority” (government and the medical profession) are tainted by money. To me, it’s obvious who speaks truth. The research in the links is convincing to those of us with open minds and common sense. Common sense such as, “unvaccinated children should be no threat to the vaccinated children” so leave me to make the decision for me and my family!


  11. I think you’re doing the same thing you’re complaining about, even if it’s to a lesser degree. How would you react if someone said anti-vaxxers are drooling cavemen? Why are you saying the same thing about pro-vaxxers? I’m sure people have said worst things to you, but you don’t need to stoop to their level.


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