5 Supplements Every Woman Should Use

Alison February 19, 2016



By Dr. Alison Buehler, Contributing Writer

The information on supplements, vitamins, and herbs for women is overwhelming! What supplements are essential to women for good health? I explore this topic in detail in my book, Rethinking Women’s Health, but I wanted to provide a quick synopsis for all you Modern Alternative Health fans. According to my research here are 5 supplements every woman should use.


Let’s start with a high-quality multi- vitamin. Every woman needs to make a high-quality multi- vitamin part of their daily routine. The problem is how to find a good one. Choose a physician you trust and go with their recommendations. Read the labels and check out things like Consumer Reports before choosing. Not all vitamins are created equal. Here is a top ten list of recommended brands by Livestrong.

Omega 3s

Everyone from Dr. Oz to The Mayo Clinic recommends a daily dose fish or krill oil, or other omega 3 supplement for women. According to Dr. Hyman M.D., Omega 3 fats are important for so many of the body’s functions including cell functioning, metabolism, heart health, and behavior. You can get vital Omega 3s from foods such as wild game, pasture-raised meats and eggs, and fish, but most women do not eat enough of these in our regular diets to get the benefits we need. Dr. Hyman recommends finding a mercury-free fish oil  supplement to ensure women are getting a large enough dosage.


Probiotics make the top four recommended supplements on almost every holistic doctor’s list these days. Women who don’t eat probiotic-rich foods daily need to add a probiotic to their supplement routine. According to Food Matters, probiotics help with gastrointestinal disorders and mental health, and new studies show that probiotics can help with warding off infection and boosting immune systems, as well as helping to improve women’s health and perhaps even fighting obesity.


Vitamin D

According to Dr. Amy Myers, almost all her patients are deficient in Vitamin D. How do we increase our intake in the age of sunscreen? Vitamin D is important for healthy heart function, and it plays an important role in diabetes and depression. We can get vitamin D in foods like trout, sardines, and pasture raised meat and eggs, but most of us need to supplement. Dr. Chris Kresser  recommends taking 1 tsp./day of high-vitamin cod liver oil (he recommends Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil from Rosita)  to ensure adequate vitamin D (and vitamin A) intake.

Herbal Supplements

Herbs are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. I make a daily tea of the most effective female herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. Stinging nettle is loaded with vitamins and minerals like magnesium and calcium that impact hormonal function. I use oat straw for nerve health and red clover for balanced hormones. Many women alleviate PMS all together with a daily chaste tree supplement.

In my personal search for female health, supplements have played a major role in alleviating common female disorders.

What Supplements Do You Make a Priority On Your Path to Wellness?



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