No, We Don’t “Owe” Society Protection By Vaccinating

admin April 9, 2015

I’m trying not to talk about vaccines too much, because I know it’s a very controversial topic.  I’m not very happy about what went down in California yesterday, though, and I feel the need to speak out.

If you haven’t heard, SB277, a bill that would remove all vaccine exemptions (except medical, which would be hard to get) passed the first committee — the Health committee.  To actually become law, it would need to pass two more committees and then be brought up for a full vote and signed into law.  There are many more steps before the bill is a serious threat.

Still, most similar bills have been killed before ever getting out of committee.  This is the first one to actually pass a committee and make any progress.  Opponents are understandably infuriated — and scared.

Yesterday, the hearing was streamed live.  Of those who testified, the majority were against the bill.  Despite the overwhelming public opposition, the bill passed.  That is why people are so angry.

The crux of this issue is one of personal freedom. Do we have the right to choose what goes into our bodies, or our children’s bodies?  Or do we “owe” it to society to vaccinate to protect others?

I’ve skirted this issue for awhile now, but I feel I, and others, have been pushed and pushed on this point.  It’s time to just say it straight up: no, I don’t have a responsibility to protect others by vaccinating.

What About the Vulnerable?

I know that’s a tough position to take but it’s true.  And it’s time it was said.

I feel bad for families whose kids are medically fragile.  I do.  But frankly, a lot of the families I know with medically fragile kids were injured by vaccines.  Some are fragile due to auto- immune conditions or cancer.  It varies.

Those families go through hell everyday, trying to protect their children and keep them healthy and safe.  I don’t envy them that at all.  And I don’t blame them for wanting to do whatever it takes to keep their children safe.

But I draw the line when they come to me and say, “We’re going to force you to take a risk with your child’s health in case it might protect our child’s health some day.”


No, your child isn’t more important than mine — to me.  No child is ultimately more important than another, except to their own parents.  But that’s why no one can decide for all children what the “right” answer is.  If I’ve reviewed my child’s health history, read endless studies about vaccines, and have come to the conclusion that this medical procedure is not in my child’s best interests, then you have no right to tell me that I have to do it anyway — to protect your child.  That’s asking me to sacrifice mine for yours, and I won’t.

The sad truth is, some people will always be vulnerable.  Vulnerable to infection, or vulnerable to vaccine damage.  Who decides which of these vulnerable children will get sacrificed?  Some will, regardless of the answer.

It’s not for anyone to decide.  It’s for families to decide.  It’s for families to take precautions that keep their children safe — by keeping them home, giving them medication, avoiding (or receiving) vaccines, or whatever they deem appropriate.  But they don’t have the right to expect everyone around their children to work to keep them safe.

When we go out in public, we don’t have the right to expect that people will not be sick.  Plenty of people go out when they shouldn’t.  We don’t have the right to assume that no one will be distracted while driving.  We simply don’t have the right to assume that others will behave in a manner that protects our safety and our interests when we are in public.  That’s because every person has a different opinion about the best course of action in most situations, and different peoples’ opinions may conflict with each other.

I can’t, and won’t, sacrifice my children because others believe they know better than I do.  And I don’t feel that anyone should even ask that of me.  It’s selfish to say that I “owe” you my children.


There is still time to stop SB277, although the fight has certainly heated up.

Contact your representatives NOW.  Let them know how strongly you oppose this bill.  And remember, it doesn’t matter if you believe in vaccines, for your family.  This bill would require every single vaccine on the CDC schedule as written — no delaying.  You could not skip Hep B at birth.  You could not skip the flu shot.  You could not skip the chicken pox shot.  You could not skip Gardasil.  You could not skip any new shots that will be added to the schedule in the future.  You would be required to be 100% up to date on whatever the CDC and government decide you and/or your child needs, now and in the future.  Even if you believe in vaccines, you should oppose such a heavy-handed measure.

If you are not in California, that doesn’t mean that the fight isn’t on.  Write to your state representatives and let them know how strongly you would oppose such a measure coming to your state.  Do it now, so that hopefully they’ll think twice before even introducing such a bill.  Make sure you are respectful in your approach (being harsh will not help your case), but make your point clear.

At this point in time, there is a small number of people who very vocally support these bills.  They listen to the true testimony of people who are struggling with their vaccine-injured children (who would likely not qualify for medical exemptions), and say that they are lying or fear-mongering.  They will do anything to force their will on others.

Don’t let them win.  Stand up for your rights.  Your human rights, to decide what goes into your body and what medical procedures you want to accept or deny.  It is a basic right to have informed consent for medical procedures with the ability to reject anything you don’t want.  Don’t let that change now.

**Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, rude/harsh comments will not be published.**

How do you feel about the fight to keep exemptions?

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  1. Thanks, Kate – and if the medical establishment did honor informed consent, the form would look something like this. It’s the true nature of the agreement into which the parent enters, and no mom who gave it even a moment’s serious consideration would ever sign it.

    American Academy of Pediatrics
    Vaccine Consent Form

    As a licensed pediatrician, and in keeping with the ethical tenet of informed consent, it is my obligation to provide you with complete, accurate information regarding vaccines. Please be aware of the following:

    Your child may develop a disease despite being vaccinated for it.

    There is no guarantee that a vaccine will lessen the duration or severity of the respective disease, should it develop.

    There is no threat to the community if your child is not vaccinated. The simple rule of thumb is: vaccinated or not, if your child is sick, keep him home.

    If exposed to the respective pathogen subsequent to vaccination, your child may develop an asymptomatic or atypically symptomatic infection – that is, there will be no traditional clinical indication of the specific disease – and he may infect others, for an undetermined time period.

    Vaccines contain known toxins. Any vaccine to which you give your consent can severely injure or brain damage your child, and neither I nor anyone in the medical profession can accurately predict the associated probability.

    Any vaccine to which you give your consent can cause your child’s death, and there is no way to accurately predict the associated probability.

    Neither the vaccine manufacturer nor my pediatric practice is liable, in any way, for any vaccine damage.

    __________________ ____________
    Pediatrician Date

    Please sign below.

    I have read and understand the information provided above, and am willing to sacrifice my child for the greater good.

    ___________________ ____________
    Parent or Guardian Date


    • How is not vaccinating your child not a threat to the community?


      • How is not vaccinating a threat to the community? People who walk around out in public while *sick* pose a threat. Do you suppose that children who aren’t vaccinated are just disease carriers? They’re no more “threat” that anyone else is. And even if they were a threat…you don’t have the right to expect that everyone is making decisions to protect YOU. Sorry.


  2. Thanks so much, Kate, for stating this so eloquently. It is a tough subject and your truthfulness is refreshing. I hope my friends in California are listening…


  3. well written and thought out letter…agree whole-heartedly.


  4. I am the mother of children with auto-immune disorders (whether or not these were triggered by vaccines is still up for debate). It irritates me that the medical establishment uses my children to push their agenda on the population by claiming that those with healthy children must vaccinate in order to protect mine. I would NEVER ask another parent to potentially jeopardize their precious little ones in order to attempt to give mine an easier life. There is nothing easy about auto-immune disorders. Inoculating the public is not going to make my life easier, nor is it even remotely guaranteed to help my children be healthier. Now, if parents has done the research and feel that vaccines are the best course of action for their particular family, they should be free to accept such procedures. But please, PLEASE STOP saying that you’re doing it in defense of my poor family!

    All of that said, thank you for this post. I whole-heartedly agree.


    • I commend you in what you say. Thank you! My child was vaccinated & reacted to each one, one day she just cried all afternoon. I chose not to vaccinate anymore after the MMR when a lymph node raised & stayed like that for 12mths. She wasn’t damaged by the vaccine but I feared she would be. I feel the same as you. I have conventionally vaccinated my second child due to this.
      Its russian roulette isn’t it.


  5. Thank you for this. So many people dont see the big picture and just listen to the fear agenda. The big picture that this bill takes away rights and medical decisions out of the parents hands.


  6. This first step of the process passing really scares me. I would move to another country before I agreed to it. It goes against our constitutional rights to force something on everyone. This cannot happen. I’m going to do everything in my power to help stop it. Scary.


  7. Thank you so much for speaking out on this. One in 55 children is damaged by autism. My brother lost all body hair for life after his kdg. vaccines. I would rather risk the disease, even polio only cripples the body, than have my child’s mind destroyed by autism.


  8. First let me say that there is one point you make that I wholeheartedly agree with. I do not agree with the government t intrusion into the choices we make on behalf of our kids, health related or otherwise. That is a very grey line and not one that should be looked at lightly when considering to cross it. Government intrusion starts somewhere. And before you know it we, as Americans and as parents, lose many important rights. If such a bill like this one were to pass, then who’s to say that sometime soon down the road something extreme like RFID chips will be mandatory and out of our control as well? That’s a very possible fact that I urge ALL pro vaxxers (including myself) to seriously consider. Now that being said, no state, govt, or community would feel the need for such a bill as this one if parents stopped believing what they want to believe, what has proven to be false information, and what has proven to be actually endangering all children at this time. If parents looked at the science with an unbiased stance and stopped listening to other parents who attended Google U, they would see the facts rather than opinions. They would see that correlation does not mean causation. Wakefield has already been proven wrong time and time again. He even went on record to say he altered his medical reports, his tests, his results, and his whole study. And the truth is, this whole debate stems from everything Wakefield claimed back then. Imagine what a different argument we would have today had he never existed? And we are seeing higher reports of Autism for the same reasons we are seeing higher reports of many other developmental disabilities and mental health illnesses as well. Those reasons are simply that we now know more about them, are now able to recognize them easier and earlier than before, more parents are seeking out medical help than before, and our world’s population is insanely higher than it was 20-30 years ago. Autism symptoms are seen at the same ages in children who have autism with and without vaccines. Many other illness are known not to show symptoms before those same ages as well. And there are children with all these illnesses who show symptoms with vaccines, and without, at the same ages. Yes, there is the argument that we need herd immunity to protect those who can’t be vaccinated. But putting that aside, what parent would want to risk these preventable diseases on their children by refusing these vaccines based on information that has been clearly wrong? This is the reason why these bills are being written and will eventually be passed. It’s not the parents who vaccinate that are causing these bills. It’s the parents who don’t vaccinate (by choice) that are creating the need for such bills. Like it or not, a large number of unvaccinated kids DO cause health epidemics. They ARE bringing back diseases that were basically wiped out. And they are harming other children, even killing some. Now, you may only care about your kids, but what will you care about when it’s your kid that becomes deathly ill or God forbid dies? Or if it’s your niece/nephew? Or your grandchild? Because like it or not, this is the world you are now creating for all children, especially your own. If you atill choose to care more about your agenda than your own children, then keep them unvaccinated. But also keep them away from other kids. You may have a right to choose medical procedures or not on behalf of your own kids. But you DO NOT have a right to endanger any other kids. Keep your kids homeschooled, out of daycares, out of parks, out of birthday parties, out of any place where there is known to be many other children attending. You want this eigh? Fine. But take the responsibility that comes with it as well. If you had a child with a fatal peanut allergy, wouldn’t you want to know they were in a safe place where they wouldn’t be exposed to peanuts? Wouldn’t you want others to be sensitive to your child’s life and to make an effort to not put your child in danger? This is no different. There is no right that is responsibility free. Take your right and your choice seriously and be responsible with it. No one in any community should be able to decide whatever they want, knowing it places others at risk, and be able to say too bad.


    • Hi Erin,

      I’ve asked a few of my readers to come and respectfully respond to your comment. There are so many misconceptions and incorrect statements in it. I want this debate to be about the facts — the real facts, not the ones reported by the media. I’ll let them provide some information and sources; I hope you’ll read them.


      • I think you’ll find the one request I made of looking at this information from an unbiased stance. I can and will gladly set up links backing up everything I said. I’ve sone it before. And everytime I’m told that I’m a shill to one company or another. Or that it’s known that that company lies. That proves to me that there can not be an unbiased approach to this from people on your side. You have to first forget everything everyone has said to you, all evidence that has already been proven wrong (yet you still choose to follow), and stop listening to anyone who isn’t an expert in these science and health fields. Once you can really do that, and really be honest with yourself and use your common sense, then I will be happy to. You must let go of the agenda. And all the doubt that you’re friends have put in your head for their own agenda. And you have to be willing to accept that the answer will not be what you want it to be.


    • Erin, there are just so many misconceptions in your post that I don’t even know where to start. First I think it is important for you to know that those of us who choose not to vaccinate do not do so lightly. This is a big decision, one that most parents agonize over in the beginning. It would be foolish to just read a random internet post and make a medical decision like this for no real reason. I’m not sure why so many people assume we haven’t done any research or taken the time to find valid information. I didn’t make this decision based on a google search or anything Wakefield said. In fact, when I started researching vaccines seven years ago I didn’t even know who Wakefield was and I STILL don’t know anything about Jenny McCarthy. Most people do not make decisions based on celebrity opinion. Second, part of making this decision is taking the time to understand the diseases themselves, what they look like, how to treat them, what the risks are. But the same is true of the vaccine-how it actually works, what the risks are vs benefits. There are risks with everything. You are not guaranteed health by getting a vaccine, nor are you even guaranteed that you won’t get the very disease you are vaccinating against. You ask, what parent would risk these diseases by refusing vaccines? The question can only come from someone who does not understand the diseases OR the vaccines. I am not afraid of them because I know how to treat them, I also know that most are not as scary as the media would have you believe. I know plenty of people who had measles and recovered just fine. I have a family member who had polio and also recovered just fine. Think about chicken pox. Didn’t YOU have chicken pox as a child? I did, it was nothing. I would rather risk a benign disease that my child’s strong immune system can defeat then a vaccine injury that they won’t even have the chance to fight. Most of us who choose not to vaccinate are very health conscious. We eat healthy, and stay away from processed foods and environmental toxins. This just helps to keep our immune systems stronger, giving us an even greater chance of fighting off an illness. If my child were to contract an illness I would keep him home until he was well. I wouldn’t send him off to infect others. Unvaccinated does not mean filled with disease, so there is no reason to fear an unvaccinated child. My own children have never had an illness, or an ear infection, or taken a single antibiotic. This means they are healthy, their immune systems are working. I have no fear that if they contracted measles or anything else that they wouldn’t recover well. As a responsible parent I do all I can to keep them healthy and well every single day. My oldest is 10, and in 10 years he has never had a single illness beyond a runny nose once or twice, so I must be doing something right. I keep them healthy, and this includes keeping toxin-filled vaccines out of their bodies.


  9. Hi there,

    I’ve just read your blog post and I agree with you wholeheartedly! I’m hoping you can give me some references to read in order to help me on my quest of NOT vaccinating my daughter! Thank you.

    Nikki Corzine


  10. Register to be an NVIC Advocacy Team Member: Just minutes of your time on letters, emails, and phone calls to your state legislators and the media can make the difference. NVIC will send you advocacy alert emails when action is needed to support efforts in your own state and nationally on important legislation and policy to protect and expand vaccination exemption laws.


  11. Vaccines are proven and the nay-sayers all base their arguments in a debunked research paper from 15 years ago. This group up people continually share each other’s blogs and articles and call them reliable sources, when in fact, they’re simply opinions based in fear and ignorance (“ignorance” used as a descriptive term, not a derogatory term). Never once have I seen peer-reviewed and accepted research studies cited in any anti-vaccine article.

    Now, here’s the scary thing about your position. We, as a society, aren’t going to see the major negative effects for years to come. Vaccine “herd immunity” takes years upon years to develop. Likewise, losing that “herd immunity” will take years, as well. There is no quick reset for the damage your group is doing and when the real, life-altering effects begin taking place, your children will begin vaccinating their children. But, as said, it will again take years upon years to rebuild what was destroyed. Destroyed through fear and willing ignorance.


    • Oh, thank you so much for saying all this. I am so excited to show you how wrong you are! 🙂

      Vaccines are not proven. Vaccine science is, in fact, pretty poor. Many have been fast-tracked. Most are tested against previously licensed versions and not a true placebo, skewing the safety profile.

      If you honestly believe that people who question vaccines are only basing their arguments on a supposed vaccine-autism connection, then you really haven’t been paying attention at all. In fact, the paper you reference wasn’t even about vaccines and autism — which you’d know if you’d read it (I have). It was about bowel disease in children on the spectrum. However, for the vast majority who question vaccines, autism is very far down on their list of concerns.

      If you have not seen a peer-reviews study cited, it is because you have not looked. Period. There are dozens and dozens out there. I have written several well-cited articles myself. I suggest you look more closely.

      Honestly, your position is ignorant. Truly. There is SO much evidence that vaccines may not be as safe or effective as we think, and you have chosen to ignore all of that evidence. You have chosen to believe it does not exist when it does. And worst of all, based on your ill-thought-out position, you have chosen to support making this medical procedure mandatory. That’s scary.

      Herd immunity is fake. The only damage being done right now is from those who push vaccines on children in ever greater numbers. We’re seeing a slow genocide right now, and I only hope that “my group” can turn that trend around.


  12. Excellent article!


  13. […] Dr. Richard Pan is at it again. (The one who thinks we owe society protection by vaccinating…which we don’t.) […]


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