Keeping Mama Healthy This Summer

beth May 29, 2013
Keeping Mama Healthy This Summer
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Mama”s are strong people. We spend a lot of our time making sure our family is well tended to. Personally, I know I take special care to make sure my household has a strong immune system, is getting enough nutrients, sleeps well, and any number of other things to keep my loved ones as healthy as possible. This is great – and I feel what we are called to do!

Yet, as Mamas sometimes that means we take a hit to our own health by forgetting to give ourselves that level of care. I felt this all to well recently when everyone else was able to battle through a virus in our house with little effect – except me. Sometimes, in order to take care of everyone else you have to take care of yourself first.

Strong Immunity

We take a lot of time making sure our kids have a strong immune system – but you need one too! Most of us moms don”t have time to be sick. 🙂 There is much you can do to keep your immune system happy – the biggest of which is diet. Not fad diets, but whole, real food diets. By nourishing your body and not hampering it with toxic processed materials your giving your immune system a head start. Stay away from the sugar but don”t be afraid of healthy fats.  If your ever in need of any recipes or unsure of where to start check out our sister site Modern Alternative Kitchen for a great resource.

Probiotics are also key to good gut health. The best way to accomplish this is through fermented foods which are filled with good bacteria.  Adding additional healthy bacteria to the gut provides a stronger defense for immunity by fighting to reduce the bad bacteria – which helps to keep you from getting sick!

Enjoy The Heat

Over the summer you will likely spend a lot of time outdoors with your children (or grandchildren). Don”t hesitate to soak up that vitamin D! Vitamin D is best absorbed from the sun – and you can get 10,000 IU from the sun in 20 minutes. Keep in mind sunblock will prevent you from doing that though and is more toxic than you may realize. Make sure you do come research and make sure you are using the best alternative.

While your out there soaking up the sun make your not getting to hot. Make sure you stay hydrated and step into the shade when you need to to cool down. It is easy to get caught  up chasing the kids and not realize how hot your getting yourself.

Kick Those Allergies

While I am famous for never failing to get a summer cold many suffer hard this time of year with seasonal allergies as well. Grab some local Raw honey! Taking small amounts of this will build up your tolerance to pollen by reducing your reaction to it. It is important that you use local honey so that it builds up your tolerance to what is in your area. If online casino you still feel a sneezing fit coming on there are many things you can do naturally to combat allergy symptoms. 


I know, I know. Telling a mom to sleep can seem like some cruel joke. However, getting your sleep is important to keeping you healthy and sane. Make sure if your not getting enough sleep at night that your taking advantage of when the kids are napping or dad is home to take over for a bit.  Lack of sleep is linked to dozens of health issues – including making your more susceptible  to common colds and flu due the a lower functioning of the immune system. Ditch browsing on your phone or watching TV before bed as well – these are found to disrupt sleep patterns. 

Lower Your Stress

Oh, the things stress can do to you. Including aid in making your sick. Luckily we  have plenty of advice on how to best kick stress like a bad habit.

Don”t Let It Take Hold

You know how to tell when your kids are sick – they may slow down a little, be in need of more attention, act a little on the grumpy side. Pay attention to your body and know when your coming down with something as well. Then you can try to cut it off before it takes hold.

Take FCLO – I often don”t remember to take FCLO everyday. However, if I feel something come on you can bet I take a heaping dose. This jumps to work to help your immune system and has helped me stop quite a few sick moments from being full blown. In the least if I didn”t get sick it made it less severe.

Put Up Your Feet – You might not be able to grab an extra nap but let the kids play a quite game while you prop up your feet and give your body a chance to fight what is coming.

Vitamin C – Fights off sickness and helps to keep you healthy!

Herbs  – There are lots of herbs that can give your immune system a boost. You can find one of my favorite list – here. Many of which make great tea!

At the end of the day, keep in mind that as mom you need to give yourself some well deserved attention as well to ensure you can keep up with your crew all summer long!

How Do You Keep Yourself Healthy During The Summer?

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