Why You Should Plant an Herb Garden (With Your Child)

beth May 9, 2013
Why You Should Plant an Herb Garden (With Your Child)Image by Pink Sherbet Photography

Come spring many flock outdoors welcoming the first warm days. While kids play in the sun and the leftover April puddles Mom’s and Dad’s take to preparing, planting, and soon harvesting their gardens. Seems like legit spring  activities right? But why not make it better? Get the kids gardening!

Teach Health!

Our children soak things up – every little experience for us is something major for them. You can start explaining at any age the benefits your gaining from growing your own medicine. Just take on a more simplistic approach with younger tots – while to older ones can turn it into whole projects!


  • Why knowing your source is important
  • What herbs are used for healing and how they grow
  • Why it is important to take an active approach in your own health
  • After harvest, explain how to preserve herbs, and why

Knowledge Is Power

It”s true! A child that knows where their medicine comes is important. These lessons are things they will carry with them. Studies show that children who are allowed to take an active role in gardens have an increased consumption of what that garden reaps – this goes for healthy fruits and vegetables as well!

Teaching environmental awareness is key to the future. We need our children to learn to respect what it around them. What better way to accomplish that than let them have their own little stake in it?

Gain Vitamin D!

Another perk of the whole experience is the great benefits that will come from being outdoors. What a good opportunity to interswagnet:tag me in posts!!!! (????)message me!!!! (????)interact with me!!!!! (????)friendship!!!!! (????)likeserenitys:are people really calling “irrelevant” just because he didn’t win something at the teen choice awards? it’s not like a surfboard determines how successful and talented a person is. get some much needed vitamin D after a long winter!  You can take the opportunity to talk about why we need vitamin D, how your body can naturally get it from the sun the way it was intended to, and why sunblock can inhibit that.

Go Beyond Herbs

Gardening is such a flexible activity. While you can casino teach your child a multitude about taking care of their health from and herb garden you can also teach them so much from a fruit/veggie garden.


  • Why you should avoid pesticides and GMO”s
  • Why buying and growing local is important
  • What organic means and how important (or not) it is to your family
  • How what you put into the body effects it

Take Gardening Indoors, Too!

Don”t have outdoor space for a garden? Take it indoors. So many wonderful herbs and plants can grow in a pot. Just make sure they get adequate sunlight. Use it as an opportinty to show your child how things work. Explain how to cut off a limb of aloe vera and treat a burn, how to harvest calendula and use it to treat acne, and how growing indoors allows you to keep some herbs on hand most of the year.

Growing things with your kids is a great experience not just for them – but for you. Have fun with it by letting them be hands on. Just like the spring their childhood only last a little while.

Do You Garden With Your Kids? Is It A Positive Experience?

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