DIY: Immune Support Smoothie

beth April 11, 2013

Immune support smoothie

Pretty much the only supplement we take on a regular basis is fermented cod liver oil. My little one has always been more than willing to take it off the spoon and say “yum!” – until now. Within the last week he no longer thinks it taste good which has taken me down all sorts of creative avenues to get him to take it to no long-term avail. I finally realized I could give it to him in a smoothie that was full of other good stuff in the process. He thinks it is a fun treat and I feel good about all that he is getting from it!

Immune Support Smoothie


((Sometimes I also add other awesome powerhouse ingredients like kale, strawberries, cantolope, kiwi, nut butters, and more. Be creative!))

Put all your ingredients in your blender and blend well!

What”s the benefits?

  • Probiotics are micro-organisms that support the immune system and the digestive system, and assist the body in fighting disease caused by bacteria and viruses.
  • Using coconut oil regularly helps prevent getting sick and helps keep immune response strong. Studies show coconut oil helps the body absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients – therefore getting better use out of what it has.
  • Blueberries are known for being anti-viral and are great for fighting infections.
  • Almonds have tons of benefits and are a favorite in our house. Our favorite benefits are increased casino online energy levels and the fact that they help with the growth in benefitcal bacteria in the guy. You can read more about them at Modern Alternative Kitchen.
  • FCLO – Fermented cod liver oil contains high levels of  vitamins A and D which greatly boost your immune system. Green pastures has a variety of flavors but what I used for this was cinnamon  The best part about including it with all these other wonderful flavors is you can barely taste it.
  • Raw honey is a great natural sweetener that I always make sure to keep around the house. It”s immune boosting, anti-bacterial, and a great aid for digestive health. This time of year it should be super easy to find locally and a nice way to support local business.


Drink Up!

Separate these ingredients taste great – together they are wonderful! What better way to cool off through these upcoming summer months and give your immune system a boost in the process.

What Other Ingredients Would You Like To Try?

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  1. I keep seeing “fermented cod liver” oil in various natural food, etc. blogs. What is the difference between fermented and nonfermented (in taste, use, etc) and what makes fermented better?


    • Just like with coconut oil and other oils it is all about how it is processed. Most types that are commercially produced today are heat-extracted and purified, leaving very few actual benefits. Fermented cod liver oil is traditionally made which which optimizes its benefits. I’ve never taken non-fermented so I really can’t compare taste. However, we have no issues with the taste of the fermented.


  2. Could I give this to my 3 yr old? Would I need her to drink the entire smoothie? It’s sounds yummy! Thanks. 🙂


  3. You mentioned Green Pastures, so I looked it up! Wow $44 is more then I expected. How long does that last you and does everyone take some everyday or only when needed (fighting something or someone else in the family is…).


    • The price floored me to begin with too – but it is worth it. We don’t take it daily unless it is a time of year when everyone around us is sick. Some families do though – just what is in your budget. One bottle last us months.


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