Maneuvering Confrontations With Family Outside The Alternative Mindset

beth February 25, 2013
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Everyone has family that disagrees with their choices. There are dozens of topics that can turn a happy dinner conversation with relatives into a not so joyful in an instant – and healthcare is one of them. For those that chose to go against the mainstream this rings even truer. Typically you can feel the storm clouds brewing before the argument hits – but sometimes it can pop up out of no where. Whatever the case there are many ways you can keep the peace.

Listen To Their Side

You can listen to their opinion on the matter without having to agree with it. There is a good chance that after they understand that you have done your own research and that your open minded to hearing what they have to say the matter can be civilly put aside. This can be especially true for older family members that are use to giving you advice that they expect to be followed. Show them the respect of understanding their point of view and then peacefully let it go.

It Might Just Be Curiosity

Maybe they wonder why you see a chiropractor so often because they don”t think of them for wellness. Maybe the didn”t know of the healing you could get from essential oils because they didn”t know they existed.  Whatever the reason make sure you also have an open mind. Their prying questions might have good intentions that could open up a whole new casino pa natet road for them when it comes to healing!

Politely Stand Your Ground

When bygones are not allowed to be bygones sometimes all you can do is hold your position and politely let them know you’re just not going to be on the same page. Some people don’t want to hear what you have to say for your side – they just want you to agree with them. It takes two to argue.

Know Your Stuff

Almost anyone can quote you the many themes of mainstream medicine and health along with why they think they work (even if they haven’t worked for them) due to widespread attention. Sometimes it can be hard to be the one person agreeing with a room full of people who think about healthcare differently than you.

Examples include:

  • Go ahead and eat that low calorie freezer dinner – they say it’s good for you!
  • Make sure you get your shots – if not there will be an epidemic!
  • You need an antibiotic for that cold – it will knock it out!
  • Natural remedies? You mean witch doctor stuff?

You need to know why you believe what you believe. I’m not saying argue it with everyone who confronts you – but for those close to you it is important to know your facts and be able to send them in the direction you got them. You might even be able to teach them something!

Don’t Let It Get That Far

Sometimes, no matter what you do you know your not going to agree. In those moments you should just let it be and hopefully the other party will as well. Give them a non-confrontational explanation if they try to bring the topic up the next time you see them.

“I’d prefer we didn”t get into that today. How was your vacation?”

If your only going to see them once your twice a year this might be your best bet. Why not spend that short amount of time enjoying each other instead of arguing over something you will never agree on.


In the end, family and friends usually have the best intentions at heart. Try to never let these confrontations set you to far apart. The choices you make for your healthcare are yours to make. However, family is priceless. By using a little tact you can likely get out of these confrontations unscathed.

Do You Have Issues With Your Family Not Agreeing With Your Health Choices? What Do You Do About It?

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