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beth February 22, 2013


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“I’m doing so well today! I had a granola bar for breakfast, for lunch I had a Slim Fast and an apple! I think I’m going to have a Healthy Choice frozen dinner tonight, and call it a good day.”

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that phrase, or some variation of it, I’d be a rich lady.  Truth be told, if I had a dime for every time I”ve said that phrase, or some variation of it, I’d be a rich lady!

Our culture makes it really easy to believe that where eating is concerned, less is better.  It also makes it really easy to believe that our bodies can be adequately nourished by food-like products created in a lab; experiments that have been torn apart, put back together, added to, subtracted from and then marketed as something ultimately healthier than what nature would have given us in the first place.  And yet, the reality seems to be drastically different.  We have greater access to “healthy” food than ever before in our history, but we continue to see substantial increases in obesity and weight-related disease.

I think there’s a better way to lose weight.  I think it’s possible to create a healthy lifestyle without starving, or resorting to convenience foods that deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to thrive.  Honestly, it has more to do with our mindsets regarding weight loss than anything else.

Overall Health Instead of Weight Loss

The overarching mindset change, the one that fuels all others, is to begin viewing overall health as the goal, rather than weight loss.  This tends to be a difficult one, because it removes the option of cutting corners, and is often a slower process than most of us like to accept in such a fast-forward oriented culture.

However, weight loss is likely to be one of many benefits of striving for overall online casino health.  As you begin to learn more about your body and what it needs to function properly, highly-processed foods full of chemicals and man-made ingredients begin to make less and less sense as energy sources.  As you replace those energy sources with the living foods that were created to sustain us, you find that they’re much lower in calories and yet much higher in nutrients.  Weight loss naturally follows this change, as you make the shift from foods that are heavy in calories and light in nutrition to foods that are packed with nutritional benefits.

Addition Instead of Subtraction

If you’re anything like me, when you want to make a change, you want to make it now, and you want to see results now.  I often find myself deciding on a change and running full steam ahead in about ten different directions; cutting out bad foods, eating only good foods, exercising five days a week.  All of those seem like great ways to achieve the goal of weight loss, theoretically.  But when you try to change too many habits at once, the likelihood of slipping back into old pattern increases exponentially.  You find yourself feeling deprived and frustrated and tired, and your old habits are just too comfortable to not go back to.

A great way to keep yourself from feeling deprived is to begin by slowly adding in good foods, rather than worrying about immediately subtracting all the bad ones.  For example, commit to adding one serving of vegetables to one meal per day.  Spend a few weeks forming that habit, and then commit to adding a serving of vegetables to an additional meal each day.  Over time, as you increase your intake of nutrient-rich food, they begin to crowd out the less beneficial foods.

Slow and Steady Instead of Quick and Easy

It is so tempting to jump into trendy diet plans that promise immediate results.   Intense tracking and cutting of calories, demonizing and eradicating entire food groups and macro-nutrients from your diet, over complicating the entire idea of health and diet.  There are an endless number of extreme options for losing weight quickly.  But too often, the route that offers quick results doesn”t offer long-lasting results.  Don’t be afraid to move slowly, taking one step at a time in a healthy direction.  Creating a healthy lifestyle requires us to be patient and exercise grace with ourselves.  That patient, graceful path lends us the time to form habits that can make a lifestyle change permanent.

What is your weight loss story? Have you more success with the immediate results route, or the slow and steady route?

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