Stress, and What to Do About It!

beth February 8, 2013
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By Sara, Contributing Writer 

As most of us know, stress causes a whole host of problems: headaches, anxiety and depression, grinding of teeth, tension, muscle aches, and heart problems, among many others. We can treat all of these by using pain relievers, mouth guards, medication and the like, but it would be wiser to get to the root of the problem.

Stress is usually caused by factors outside the body, like work or family problems, taking on more than we can handle, striving to be what we think others want us to be, and so on. It may not seem like a lot in writing, but these are problems that most of us face day-in, and day-out, and it can get overwhelming!

Much stress can be reduced by constant self-evaluation. What helps me is asking myself questions, like the following.

  • Does the bathroom need clean right now, or will it be ok til I take a shower tonight?
  • Can I make a big batch of (insert whatever food here) and freeze for later us, and will it help me?
  • Does E (my son) have to wear jeans today, or can I let him wear the pants he wants?
  • Does it really matter what (insert person here) thinks of what I am doing?
  • Should I let it get to me that (insert person here) is moody and negative? Should I be moody and negative too?

This is just a short list, but I find that the more I ask myself questions like the above, the more I am able to see a situation through unbiased eyes, which relieves stress! Because no, what pants E wears doesn’t matter, and if other people are bothered by the fact that I give my son hunks of butter at meals, they can be bothered. I won’t be.

Sometimes, stress comes from within. Some people have a difficult time handling situations that others could handle easily, or maybe even situations that they themselves could have easily handled in the past. For me, when I get easily stressed and anxious and fearful, I need magnesium. I have learned how to read my body and how to handle my anxiety. You can read more about that here. Some times adrenal problems or thyroid problems can contribute to lack of inner peace, and the ability to handle semi-stressful situations. Check with a doctor if you feel like this is you. Get a diagnosis and heal yourself! Getting to the root problem will help the stress.

No matter how stress comes, or where it comes from, we need ways to deal with it. When feeling stressed, take time for yourself. Choose one or more options from the list below, and minister to your body.

  • Epsom salt baths
  • Make a stress tincture
  • Take time to just sit
  • Read the Bible
  • Get extra sleep
  • Drink herbal teas
  • Breathe into your stomach slowly
  • Sit up straight and tall
  • Pray
  • Most importantly: SMILE! Even if you don”t feel like it.

Everyone gets stressed out. And everyone deals with it in their own way. Sometimes they deal with stress negatively (ie shouting, shutting people out, depression, etc). Take charge and deal with stress positively, and your life will take a positive spin. Blessings of good health.

How Do You Deal With Stress?

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