Not Reaching Your Health Goals? Make Them Easier

beth January 30, 2013
Not Reaching Your Health Goals Make Them Easier
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It”s nearly the last day of January and your health goals are likely in one of these three places:

  • Totally rocking
  • Totally tanking
  • Totally forgotten

If you”re doing well, congratulations! Keep at it. If you”ve forgotten what your health goals were in the first place, no matter. If you”re tanking, this post is for you.

Many experts will say that you are failing on your resolutions because they are not measurable, not ambitious, not specific. You don”t have a support system or you don”t have a plan.

This may very well be the case. But what if you”re like me? What if you do everything just as the experts suggest and still aren”t making any progress? Or worse, you have failed multiple times and now believe you will never make any progress and give up entirely.

Create a Culture of Winning

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One of my college roommates made a New Year”s Resolution to try 20 different types of lettuce. I smirked when I first heard about it, but with everything that I now have on my plate, “Try lettuce” sounds much more attainable (and enjoyable) than “Exercise six times per week.”

Why is this important? Some may argue that trying 20 kinds of lettuce is frivolous. It isn”t casino online meaningful or constructive or valuable. It doesn”t bring a person closer to their weight loss goals or having a stronger heart.

But these are exactly the kind of goals you need if you have a history of failing. Being able to accomplish any goal is important. David Byrd says it best when he suggests, “You can”t learn to win by losing.”

Too Much Too Fast

Still not convinced that a smaller goal is what you need? After all, you have 50 pounds to lose or rheumatoid arthritis to manage or fertility to increase. You don”t have time to make goals like “eat 20 types of lettuce.”

Consider this. It took weeks, months, or years (decades?) to gain those 50 pounds. It”s okay to give yourself adequate time to get back to your best you. It takes longer than a month to reverse poor health, so take it slow.

How to Make Your Goals More Attainable

It is natural for some to believe our goals must be done perfectly and immediately if they are worth doing.

  • If I”m going to eat healthy, I”m going to have the perfect diet.
  • If I”m going to exercise, I”m going to exercise harder than anyone.
  • If I am going to improve my scripture study, I”m going to study 2 hours every day instead of my usual 15 minutes.

But that is a lie we tell ourselves. You don”t have to be perfect to be making progress.

If you are failing at flossing daily, floss one tooth. You will probably floss your whole mouth, but if you don”t, no big deal. You are one tooth closer to better oral health.

If you can”t get to bed at a decent hour, go to bed today. Sure, 10 pm is healthier, but midnight is better than 2 am. You are two hours closer to a balanced sleep schedule.

If you can”t seem to keep your nutrition in check all day long, eat a healthy breakfast. You may continue all day or you may not, but you are one meal closer to solid nutrition.

A Little at a Time

Be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best you can. If your goals aren”t working, scale down until they do.

Are you still keeping your New Year”s Resolutions? Do you need to make them smaller?

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  1. My path to health started with a food allergy. I started doing research to avoid corn (my allergy) and was horrified at what I found on the lables. I have been over weight my whole life. I seem to be stuck and its frustrating. I love the thought of setting different types of goals. Trying a new veggie, or prepping one a new way. Way less painful than not seeing the scale move yet still going in the right direction. Thanks for the new idea.


  2. Great info! Luckily I found your blog and I’ve saved as a favorite for later!


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