Caring For The Family: Biblical Womanhood and Health

beth January 28, 2013
Caring for the Family: Biblical Womanhood and HealthImage by Pink Sherbet Photography

For a woman, caring for her husband and children is usually instinctual. Boo-boos are kissed, meals are made, laundry folded, and we hold off buying new things for ourselves so that our family can benefit from the extra money, wherever we decide to invest it. Self is forgotten, or at least pushed aside.

As a Christian, I believe the need for a woman to care for her family comes from God. We are instructed to “love our husbands and children” (Titus 2:4), and love encompasses so much. We kiss and heal boo-boos because we love our children. We stay up late and make our husband”s lunch because we love our husbands. We make meals for our family (and do all our other various chores) because we want what is best for our family, and we love them!

One important aspect of caring for our families is caring for their health. We desire them to be strong and healthy and robust. We do the best we can to help them be healthy. Many women believe that keeping their family entails getting them vaccinated and getting them annual flu shots. The desire to keep the family healthy is certainly commendable, but here at Modern Alternative Health, we don”t advocate getting shots as a preventative measure, because the risks don”t outweigh the claimed benefits. So how is a woman to keep her family healthy? There are three priorities a woman should have in caring for the health of her family.

 1. A Godly woman lifts up her family.

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There are so many ways to lift up our families. First of course, is in prayer.

“Is anyone among you suffering? Then he must pray. Is anyone cheerful? He is to sing praises…the effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” James 5:13, 16 ( NASB)

In loving and caring for our families we should be lifting them up in prayer.

A wife and mother tends to set the tone for her household. “When Mama ain”t happy, ain”t nobody happy” really does ring true! Choose joy. Choose to smile. Find moments to point your children to Christ, the Great Healer. Happy children are healthier children. Let them catch their joy from you.

2. Nourishing them with good meals would be a great priority.

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight ccImage by Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

A nourished body is a healthy body. If you are not nourishing your family, you are impairing them. The Weston A. Price Foundation has guidelines on what is nourishing. As Biblical women, we need to set our husbands and children up for success, and love them by feeding them healthy, nourishing foods. This point makes me think about the Bible verse in Psalm 128 (verse 3).

“Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine within your house, your children like olive plants around your table.” (NASB)

What a beautiful picture! The family around the table! The family table is becoming less and less mainstream in today”s society, but it is a feature our families need. At this table, a fruitful wife can serve not only her family”s physical needs, but their emotional companies can still set a yearly dollar limit of $2 million on what they spend for your coverage for plan years or policy years starting before January 1, 2014. and spiritual needs, too. God has great plans for our children, and we can prepare them for these plans at our table. If you do not employ the use of your family online casino table, consider how you can start to use this awesome tool. Even if a family dinner cannot be come by, try to sit down together at least once a day for a meal. If your husband can be there, great! If not, don”t let it stop you from serving your children, both their tummies and their hearts.


3. After nourishing her family, another important aspect of Biblical Womanhood is healing.

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When our children are hurting, who do they turn to? It is us! We are powerful healers in our children”s eyes, and when they hurt, it is Mama they cry for.

At least for me, this is one of the most intimidating aspects of motherhood. I am expected to know how to heal a bloody nose, stop a bleeding cut, cease pain, soothe a sore throat…all at a moments notice. When someone we love is hurting, it is tremendous pressure on us: the ones expected to fix it. Before I became a mother, I didn”t have to know all these things! But when little eyes looked to me more and more for answers, you better believe I started to learn, because I didn”t want to give my son medications and antibiotics all the time which would compromise his gut health and lower his immune system in the long run.

Natural healing isn”t a topic that comes easily to me, believe it or not. There are so many herbs, oils, and home remedies out there, that it is difficult to sort through and retain information. It is important to start somewhere, and start small. I suggest learning how to make tinctures first and have some herbs and tinctures handy, like yarrow, catnip, chamomile, cayenne and echinacea. There may be other herbs that fit your family”s needs better, but this is where I would start. This is a fantastic place to start when it comes to building a natural medicine cabinet, and if you are new to natural healing, I would encourage you to start there.


Your desire to care for, heal, and nurture your family is a God-given desire. It is all too often that our society says we women have better things to do, but Biblically, our families are our highest priority. We don”t want to tax little (or big!) bodies with chemicals, drugs and antibiotics that in most cases really will not help in the long run. It is okay to take time to research natural health, to read about it, to consider how to best care for your family. Pray for them, and care for yourself so you are well enough to care for them.

What do you need to change in your spiritual life and home life so that you are caring for your family well?

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  2. Godliness has nothing to do with my effort. It is simply the fact that I have been saved from my sins by His amazing grace and death on the cross. Mixing godliness with how amazing a person raises their family is legalism at its finest. Shooting down any mom who is not up to par with whatever it is your doing.


    • Wendy, you are right in that Jesus paid the ultimate price. We can do nothing without His Grace. I am sorry that it seemed as though I said only women who raise their family at a certain level are Godly. That certainly is not the case. Biblically, we are commanded to care for our families, in the best way we can. Surely, no one is perfect, and certainly I am not. Only God sees the true heart of a person, and that is enough.


  3. I found your post through the Selfsufficient Homeacre. I am encouraged by your desire to nourish and guide your family to healthy living. In a way it is learning to swim against the current of our culture. It is good to be thoughtful and seek the Lord for guidance. Being a Mom is a great blessing and also an exhausting role. I am glad that prayer is one of your points– so many times I spent time on my knees in prayer as I raised our children.
    May God bless your family,


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