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beth January 7, 2013

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What kind of alternative health goals have you set for 2013 ? Have you decided to take a more natural approach to your health ? The process can be overwhelming with so much information available…so where to begin ?

Take a look at the photo above…what do all these concoctions have in common ? They were all made at home for much less than you”d pay retail, none of them contain harmful ingredients like so many over the counter products and medicines, and they all use the healing power of herbs !

Using Essential Oils at Home

One way to capture this power in natural health is with essential oils. These oils are the life of plants and contain the medicinal properties of each individual herb in concentrated form. While these oils are very potent and need to be handled with care, they are the bottom line in herbal remedies/ personal care products and green cleaning. The possibilities are endless ! You can use them as a single oil or combine them to increase their effectiveness. Synergy describes the enhanced benefits of things working together as a whole being greater than the sum of their properties individually. Nothing fits that description better than the versatility and blending ability of essential oils for all sorts of uses in our homes, for our health and personal care.

Green Cleaning…

Let”s look at a few ways you can begin to incorporate the healing properties of essential oils into your routine. If you”re a bit shy about these powerful healers, you can begin with several remote applications including adding essential oils (Eos) to your cleaning arsenal.

Lemon EO leaves the refreshing scent of clean behind and brings a little brightening, stain removing power to your cleansers. Add a few drops to some baking soda for an amazing scouring powder, or a few drops to your homemade laundry soap to brighten whites.

Tea Tree EO provides antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Think of the benefits here ! Wiping counters, sinks, toilets, door knobs, mopping floors where tiny hands and knees spend a lot of time, to keep those germs at bay !

Peppermint EO also lends an uplifting fragrance and antibacterial power to your cleaning blends. Mix a few drops in a bottle of witch hazel to spritz counters and other areas of high germ contamination and traffic like door knobs or bathroom spigots. Mix a little with your tea tree to boost the synergy of their properties.


Bridging the gap between cleaning our homes and applying these oils, mostly in very diluted form, to our bodies is aromatherapy. Have you ever entered a room and been transported to another time and best online casino place in your memory, triggered by a scent in the air ? Our sense of smell can be a powerful means of aiding our health by using essential oils to scent the air for lifting spirits, delivering therapeutic vapors and purifying the air we breathe. There are a number of easy ways to do this…

You can simply add a few drops of your favorite EO to a cup of water and spritz the air as a room freshener. Add a few drops to a pan of boiling water on the stove. Or pour hot water over a few drops of EO in a bowl, tent your head with a towel and breathe in the vapors.  Diffusers that are heated by candle or electric warm the EO and fill the room with the fragrance/therapy of your choice.

Eucalyptus EO is antiviral and decongestant which makes it a good choice for treating stuffy noses. Combined with steam, it”s soothing to dry nasal passages.

Lavender EO is soothing and calming. It”s a great choice for settling little ones who have trouble getting to sleep.

Rosemary EO is antiseptic and antimicrobial. Diffusing a combination of Rosemary and Eucalyptus EOs can really aid in relieving cold symptoms.

Herbal Remedies…

Next comes various methods of creating our own herbal remedies, like first aid salves, or congestion balms. If your ready to begin using essential oils this way, you will find lots of how-to articles here. You can start as small as you like…maybe with a lip balm or you can develop your own complete line of herbal remedies to replace many of those over the counter meds that contain a lot of ingredients that are harmful.

Once you get going, you can use essential oils as the active agent in your green cleaning alternatives, your herbal medicine chest, and you personal care needs from toothpaste to soaps, all of which eliminate chemical additives from our home as well as provide a myriad of health benefits.

Purchasing EOs can be a bit pricey to begin with but in the long run, a little goes a long way and they are so versatile that it”s a very good investment. If you”re just starting out with essential oils and only want to try a few, I”d say three favorites you can use in many ways would be Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint. Next would be Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Lemon.

Be sure to do a little research before purchasing EOs so you can chose ones suited to your families needs. Some are not considered safe for children, those with special health considerations, or pregnant mommies.

Are you using essential oils in your home ?  Which ones are your favorite ?


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  1. This may seem like a really silly question. Where is a good source to buy EO’s? For the last year I have been trying to figure this out and the difference between ones that are “food grade”. I was looking for one to do with my oil pulling but couldn’t figure out how to tell the difference between ones I can use in my cleaning and use in oil pulling. Do you have a good resource for telling the difference?


    • I only use “therapeutic grade” for putting on my skin or ingesting. I get mine from Young Living, though there are other places to get them. I like that YL is transparent as far as how their herbs are sourced and the way the EOs are made, so I trust I’m getting what I pay for. I use Aura Cacia for aromatherapy use that isn’t topical (though it’s easy to tell the difference after using YL oils), and will buy Now brand’s tea tree oil for cleaning, since it’s really inexpensive as is going to get mixed with vinegar or baking soda.

      Health food stores usually carry essential oils. I haven’t found a good resource for comparison though, just a lot of research and buying different brands.


  2. Favorite? ALL OF THEM! Although I tend to be a little heavy handed with them and have to consciously restrain myself, I absolutely love using them. I am trying to learn more about actual herbs and the possibility of combining them to see what I come up with. Can you imagine the combinations and possibilities—endless!


  3. I have really been wanting to start using EO’s but am overwhelmed at where to begin. This post was very helpful! I’ve heard a lot about doTerra. What is the inference between Young Living and doTerra? Thanks for your help!


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