Forget Resolutions – Develop 5 Easy Habits – THIS MONTH!

beth January 3, 2013

Image by Creativity Timothy K Hamilton via Compfight

Image by Creativity Timothy K Hamilton

Today”s Daily Tip: Start with just one or two goals; if you have too many, you will be less likely to keep up with them.

Every year the 1st of January looms in the distance and taunts me as it comes closer and closer.  Each year I have made resolutions to lose weight, or get it shape, or travel more, or NOT resolve to do anything. I begin the year with gusto and by the end of February I am right along with everyone else – back where I started from on January 1.  So, I”ve thrown resolutions OUT the window! This year I am not making resolutions but developing 5 healthy habits to improve my life and health. Today is January 3rd, and it takes 28 days to form a solid habit. So join me and be on your way by the end of the month!

Catch those Z”s: Go to Bed 15 Minutes Earlier

Sleep is crucial for good health, clarity of mind, and a solid foundation to improve your health and your weight. Begin a good sleep habit by going to bed 15 minutes earlier – doing so every other night for a week. At the end of that week you”ll be getting a full hour more sleep at night. Adding an hour to your sleep routine will give you more energy in the morning and throughout the duration of the day. You may also notice that you are able to wait longer for that cup of coffee first thing or even skip one of your cups altogether!

High Quality H2O : Drink 8 – 10 Glasses of Water a Day

Let”s admit it, most of us aren”t hydrating enough. I don”t mean that we aren”t drinking plenty of fluids – I”m taking about WATER. Your body is between 60 and 70 % water. You need to constantly replenish your water to keep your body working the way it should -this means 8-10 glasses of water daily. Most of us consume a LOT of caffeine in the morning and sodas in the afternoons. Tea and coffee contain water, but they don”t serve your body the same way as regular old water does. Grab a reusable cup or bottle; I rotate between a Tervis with a straw in  (because I drink it faster that way) and a Camelbak. Fill it up 3 times a day and you”re done! If you struggle with the taste of water, or lack there of, add some lemon juice! It”s a great way to detox as your hydrate!

15 Minutes Outside  :Fresh Air and Vitamin D!

There”s a reason that we are told to get our children outside for at least nbso online casino reviews 15 minutes a day. Not only is fresh air great for your energy, but sunlight is crucial for your body to produce Vitamin D. Your body only produces it when in direct sunlight – so sitting next to a window doesn”t cut it. You need to be outside and in the sun.  Most of us aren”t doing this for our bodies and we aren”t getting enough Vitamin D. Lacking in Vitamin D can lead to seasonal depression, sluggishness, and an overall poorer quality of health. Take a brief  around lunch to walk around outside, take your kids for a short treasure hunt in the yard, anything that keeps you outside for about 15 minutes. You”ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

Don”t Diet : Drop a Carb, Add a Protein

I eat way too many carbs, especially now that I am pregnant. The easiest way to change this habit is to trade a carb for a protein. Eat a hard boiled egg for snack rather than a pack of crackers. Use lettuce to wrap your sandwich rather than two slices of bread.  Add some chicken to your salad rather than croutons. Get creative – there are endless ways to make this happen. Just think about your food choices and choose a protein over a carb at least once a day.

 Get Moving!

Most of us, especially those with desk work, don”t get enough exercise. Develop a habit of moving around once an hour. Set an alarm on your phone or computer for each hour. When it goes off, stand up, stretch and walk around your office, down the hall, or to the bathroom, bot about 3-5 minutes. Getting moving and getting your blood circulating will make you feel more alert and centered. It will also give you the motivation to use the stairs over the elevator and get outside for those 15 minutes!

Now, Let”s Do This!

Try these 5 simple steps to create great habits. Changing simple things daily can turn into  a huge evolution in your life and heath. I can”t wait to hear how these go for you!

Do you have any simple habits that help improve your health and wellness? What habits would you like to change?


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