How to Test Negative on the Group B Strep Test

admin February 20, 2012

A reader, Lindsay, recently shared her story with me.  She had tested positive twice in a row on a Group B strep test while pregnant.  Not wanting antibiotics during labor, she decided to use the following combination of natural treatments to become GBS negative.  A third test shows that it worked!

Please understand this is for informational purposes only.  It’s not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.  This is just one reader’s story of what worked for her.

How to Test Negative on the Group B Strep Test

Lindsay says: I am not sure which of this actually worked, or if it was a combination, but I was able to get a negative culture after receiving 2 positive urine cultures, which my midwife said she had never seen before.  I had been using the following for 10 days when I tested. I recommend buying good quality organic, food sourced vitamins.

Each morning:

  • 50 billion good quality probiotic
  • Garlic Extract Capsule (5mg)
  • Astragalus Capsule (800mg)
  • 4000+ IU Vitamin D
  • 1 tsp (500 mg) powdered whole food vitamin C (mixed in orange juice)
  • 3-4 tsp cranberry concentrate (mixed in orange juice)
  • 10 drops GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) – after 2 weeks I started doing GSE only once/day


Each evening:

*Only use Echinacea for 2 weeks, then have a 2-week break, resuming on this schedule if desired.   Echinacea loses efficacy after 2 weeks.

Daily “Other”:

  •  1-2 tsp Garlic Honey Elixer: 1/2 C. Honey, 1/4 C. Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs), 1/2 BULB fresh garlic.  Puree in a blender, and store in the fridge.  Have a chaser ready (I did yogurt), this stuff is stout!  There is no risk of harm to a baby from having too much garlic so take as much of this as you can handle without worry.
  • Insert Vaginally 1 peeled garlic clove overnight for 2 weeks, then once/week until delivery.  Thread a sterile string through the clove and tie for easy removal in the AM  – I used unwaxed, plain, organic silk dental floss. I also cut notches in the clove for max potency, but some find this stings or burns, which I did not.
  • I also inserted 1 capsule of the probiotic vaginally during the day randomly over the 2 week period.  However, be sure you don’t do this within a few days of the test as it can give a false positive result.
  • Vaginal flush (not douche) Apple Cider Vinegar – 1oz ACV + 4-6 OZ warm water to dilute, using a periwash bottle (I got mine from my midwife).  Once Daily for 7 Days.

I also ate a diet low in sugar and grain and included lots of plain, organic yogurt.

In addition to this remedy, I was taking my normal vitamins – Prenatal Multi, Omega 3 fish oil, Iron, Folic Acid and Cal/Mag/Zinc. Drink plenty of purified water.

Thanks, Lindsay!

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Why This Can Help

Lindsay’s recommendations are in line with what we know about bringing bacteria back into balance in the body.  Garlic is a potent anti-viral and has been known to help women test negative on GBS tests before (even though it is a bacteria, not viral).  Consuming large doses of probiotics also helps the system to overcome bad bacteria naturally by replacing it with good bacteria.

Large doses of vitamin A, C, and D are known to boost immune function strongly, which can help the body to bring itself back into balance and health naturally.

Grapefruit seed extract and other herbal supplements are potent natural antibiotics.

In addition to this list, you may choose to add milk kefir (some say this has more beneficial strains of bacteria than yogurt and actually helps to re-colonize the gut properly) and coconut oil (which is a strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral).

Have you ever used a particular remedy or program to test negative on the Group B Strep test?  What worked for you?


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  1. I’ve never tested positive, but when I tested negative I took high doses of probiotics and ate lots of yogurt for 2 weeks prior. Also, I was told that sex the night before the test is helpful. So, that was my regimen. I will do something similar this time and maybe add in some garlic.


  2. Wow — an impressive sample of one! Please google Wren’s story for a more accurate picture of the efficacy of garlic in the treatment of GBS.


    • Lydia, I have read it. We (my family and hopefully my audience) do NOT make our health decisions based on scare tactics. Wren’s story is tragic and unfortunate, but she had such a high GBS count that she tested strongly positive and was given antibiotics early in her pregnancy (I believe — I don’t remember if she took antibiotics or not, but I thought so). At the end she only changed to using garlic — never retested (which this woman has), never changed her diet or tried herbs. Therein lies the problem.

      Anyway, regardless, Wren’s story, while terrible, is JUST ONE STORY. What you are saying here is because one story ended badly (a story with several issues, as I’ve pointed out), all women should freak out and just get the antibiotics. No. We make decisions based on facts. If a woman can try several different interventions and then RE-TEST and be negative, then she and her midwife can make a decision about whether or not they think this is safe. This is information for women looking for another option.

      In the future, if you post comments that are intended as scare tactics and not adding to the discussion, I will not post them. I don’t entertain that kind of nonsense.


  3. I really feel the need to chime in here to inform everyone of how serious GBS is. In 99% of cases, it isn’t, and these tips really are wonderful. However, I think maybe there should’ve been a disclaimer or something letting your readers know that, unfortunately, the 1% happens. I’m glad you posted the protocol, but there are people in the homebirth community who have lost babies to GBS sepsis because they (or worse, their midwives) did not take the threat that GBS presents seriously. YMMV, but in very rare cases, abx can save lives.


    • Amy, you are correct that GBS can be very serious. I would recommend that any woman who chooses to follow these tips get re-tested so that she knows her GBS status going into her birth, and is aware of signs to look for in the new baby. This is especially important if a woman’s water breaks early in labor. Always discuss your options with a trained medical professional and make decisions with that professional about what is best for your situation. This is all for informational purposes only, as stated in the original post.


  4. Only 5mg of garlic? What kind of garlic was used? That seems like a very small dose to me.


  5. I have been struggling with recurrent GBS in my urine now for several months, during which time we have also suffered a miscarriage – have no idea if it was related, but it could have been. I appreciate these tips and will try to incorporate some of them into my regimen. However, I would also like to point out a word of caution. Since being introduced to the world of GBS and through the research I have done, I have come to realize how tragic GBS infection in a newborn is – absolutely heartbreaking – the stories will bring you to tears. I get frustrated when I hear women who are largely against medications talk about taking steps to “test negative”, and then disregard the rest of the pregnancy. If you are going to take steps to actually rid or lower your GBS counts FOR THE DURATION of your pregnancy that is a great; however, I believe it is foolish and putting your baby at risk to take these steps simply to get a negative test several weeks away from the delivery date, and then quit.


    • I was always wondering, if GBS was such a serious condition why many European countries and “rest of the world” do not bother to test pregnant women for it. My assumption is that risks must be minor or nonexistent that they chose non treatment approach.


      • I totally have been finding this same thing exactly! Many women from the uk have posted on mom forums not even knowing what GBS is let alone EVERYONE getting tested for it. Its ridiculous! Good way for our drug companies to make a killing!


        • Universal GBS testing in the US only started in the mid 1990s. An estimated 30% of women are positive for GBS. When a woman delivers a baby, there is a 1/200 chance that she will pass the bacteria on to her baby, with that chance growing greater the longer the labor progresses or if anything is inserted to moniter or assist the baby. Its a low chance of passing BUT if it does pass, it can be very difficult to treat. I know this because I was one of those 1/200 babies. I had GBS and my pediatrician believed that the only reason I survived was because they were doing a routine blood test to look at my bilirubin Levels and found an elevated white blood cell count. They were able to begin me on antibiotics immediately, before it could become meningitis or sepsis. I came close to dying despite the early start my doctors had.

          While GBS wasn’t terribly common, it is almost completely preventable with antibiotics during labor which is why the AAP recommends testing pregnant mothers. If there is something so simple you can do to prevent a life or death battle in your newborn, would you do it?

          Some may say this is “scare tactics”. My story is just as valid as the story being shared in this article and babies like me are the reason that testing is now recommended. Does it give more money to the testing companies? Sure, but high dose 24/7 intravenous antibiotics aren’t cheap either. Lifelong therapy for mental defects due to meningitis isn’t cheap. Hearing aids due to deafness from meningitis isn’t cheap. For most, nothing will happen but for those where it does it is more than worth it.


          • Wiping out the baby’s immune system (killing good bacteria) is not cheap either. With antibiotic usage, the baby is much more at risk to infections, diseases, allergies, etc after delivery.

            Sometimes, I feel antibiotics cause more problems than solve them.

          • I agree Sy.

          • Thank you Samantha. This test is performed in Canada too.

  6. I have not been tested yet (3rd preg with 2 positive tests in previous pregnancies) but I am assuming I will test positive this time. I have a plan though because I do not want to reverse the last 8 months of natural living only to kill all the good gut health with antibiotics. My plan is:

    Take natural supplements – some listed above to test negative at first testing. If I test negative, I will continue with my regimen until birth. If I test positive, I will continue with my regimen until birth AND request to be retested just before my due date.

    I will also request a water birth, which I read can lower the possibility of transferring GBS to baby.

    I will pray!

    I will use antibiotics as a final method.

    I will pray!


  7. I think this is an excellent article with a clearly-defined treatment approach. I would just caution anyone against the GSE part of the treatment:


  8. […] The bacteria is naturally present in some women and it can come and go in the gut/vaginal bacteria. In my opinion, the best bet is to optimize good bacteria and work to avoid GBS and a positive GBS test as this makes labor much easier (IV antibiotics =stuck in bed on an IV). I highly encourage all women to do research on this topic before the appointment that tests for GBS. This article gives some advice for preventing GBS and making sure you test negative on the screening. […]


  9. Thanks for the great post! I realize GBS is a serious issue, but I am so thankful for those who will give us alternatives to antibiotics whenever possible. Most who read this post have done a lot of research about health and wellness and will make informed decisions. We realize the risk of disease and interventions and decide the best route for our long term health and families. Thanks again for making information like this readily available world-wide.


  10. I tested + for GBS around 38 weeks and after starting a homeopathic remedy for my personal constitution I tested – 3 days later! Def worth checking out a good homeopath.


  11. Ask for a clean catch sample to be taken. I test positive every time they test me except when they do a clean catch then I test negative.


  12. Thanks so much for sharing this! I tested positive for gbs vaginally in my last pregnancy and choose to do hibiclens vaginal flush versus antibiotics but it messed up my vaginal flora for months post partum. I’m pregnant again and plan to do this protocol due to small amount of gbs in my urine and retest. So happy to have this resource! I shared it with my midwife So we can make informed choice together on this. I do plan to retest and follow regimen up to delivery. I prefer to get rid of gbs then to cover it with antibiotics for a day.


  13. Thanks for posting this method to treat GBS. I lost my daughter two hours after delivery in June to GBS even though I had antibiotics every 4 hours during my 16 hour labor. The doctors were absolutely stunned by her death because GBS typically doesn’t cause much of an issue…or so I was told. I hadn’t done much research because I didn’t want to get overly anxious and stress, but now I wish I had been more prepared.
    I am pregnant again and am obviously nervous about passing it on to another baby. Having this info to talk to my ob about and possibly preventing GBS is comforting on so many levels.


  14. I have tested GBS + for 3 pregnancies and I’m pregnant with our 4th. I did antibiotics for the first 2. After my second delivery with a 16 hour labor of antibiotics both the baby and I were affected negatively by the antibiotics. I got a yeast infection and we fought yeast diaper rashes for over 6 months. That was even after we took strong probiotics. For baby #3 I tested positive but treated with a strong garlic. Baby was fine. For this pregnancy my plan is to try and test negative.

    My doctor made a great point. He said that if I really want to test my theory in testing negative then my husband should be taking the supplements as well because he could very easily pass strep bacteria back to me. So hubby has decided to join the cause and take supplements with me!


    • Hi Nicole,

      You’re right, that is a great point! The husband’s flora matters too since husband and wife tend to share it regularly. We shouldn’t overlook how important his health is too when it comes to healthy babies!


  15. Really liked your article, especially you laid out routine. I lost a son to late onset gbs and we are trying to find something that my husband and I can do together as well as anyone else that might be in contact with the baby for the first few months. I am 30 weeks right now and trying to get everything together. My question is do you have any brands (especially for the gse) that you would recommend. All the research I have done states that the preservatives in the gse give it it’s potency, but the brand sold in my area (nutribiotic) states that it does not use any preservatives. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  16. […] The bacteria is naturally present in some women and it can come and go in the gut/vaginal bacteria. In my opinion, the best bet is to optimize good bacteria and work to avoid GBS and a positive GBS test as this makes labor much easier (IV antibiotics = stuck in bed on an IV). I highly encourage all women to do research on this topic before the appointment that tests for GBS. This article gives some advice for preventing GBS and making sure you test negative on the screening. […]


  17. So basically keep a clean gut. Happy nesting to all the little ones in the tummy!


  18. Thank you so much for this info. I used it as a base line for my 4th preg. and got a neg test after testing pos 3 times before. Like stated above, gbs comes and goes. So even when I got a neg test I continued to take the supplements till I gave birth. The thing that I honestly think that gave me the neg test: a Norwex enviro cloth. These cloths have silver in them and they are anti bacterial and anti viral. I took one with me to my doc app the day they were testing me. After peeing in a cup I washed with a hot enviro cloth then tucked it in a plastic baggie and put it back in my purse. The test came back neg. Bc gbs can come and go I took the cloth with me and washed bf I gave birth along with taking all the supplements. I didn’t do anything vaginally. I based my supplement decisions off this post. I took astragalus, tons of vit c, no sugar, low gluten/grains, burdock root, yogurt, echinacea tea, cranberry juice, vit D 5000 iu/ day, drank ACV and red raspberry tea. For ways to drink ACV search “good girl moonshine”. I made/still make the Hawaiian Punch version and sip all day. It’s yummy. Again thank you so much for sharing your natural knowledge!


  19. Ladies this protocol WORKS! I just received a negative GBS test, after 2 positive tests…..! don’t despair, go ahead and try this out. Wellness Mama – thank you so very much for this valuable link and to Lindsay for sharing her experience with us!


  20. This concerns me. I tested negative, but was actually positive. Not just a carrier either, I had an active GBS infection, was running a low grade fever, had bladder and abdominal pain, and generally felt ill. I tested negative, and was basically blown off for having symptoms. I was told that pregnancy was sometimes uncomfortable and get get over it basically. Then my placenta looked infected and full of pus when my son was delivered. They sent it to the lab and although it was positive for GBS, and truly an infected mess, nobody ever called me at home or had me come back into the office. So, my newborn has a fever a couple of days later. Then I have 104 a couple of days later. It’s been 13 years, and we are both alive. But, many people do not fare as well. I am a natural health proponent, and a health care professional of the traditional type. So, I get to experience both sides of the coin from experience, and professionally. Be careful trying to cheat a system. I wish that my test had come back positive. I got a false negative. My complaints and obvious clinical signs were ignored. My son has neurological issues and learning difficulties. I will never know if it’s because of the GBS. But, I cannot rule it out.


  21. Why would inserting the probiotic vaginally cause a false positive within a few days of taking the test?


    • I’m also wondering why a probiotic insterted vaginally within a few days of testing could cause a false positive?


  22. […] The bacteria is naturally present in some women and it can come and go in the gut/vaginal bacteria. In my opinion, the best bet is to optimize good bacteria and work to avoid GBS and a positive GBS test as this makes labor much easier (IV antibiotics = stuck in bed on an IV). I highly encourage all women to do research on this topic before the appointment that tests for GBS. This article gives some advice for preventing GBS and making sure you test negative on the screening. […]


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