Beyond Easy DIY Chapstick

beth November 2, 2012

We use to buy chap stick until we realized searching for a natural one and then paying $3 just wasn”t worth it. We finally decided “hey…we can do this.” And we have. We now have our own stock and it takes no time at all to make.

After doing the math this comes down to less than a dollar a stick.

**Don’t want to make your own?  Grab some in our store!**

You need:

Let”s Begin:

Place your beeswax and oil in the crockpot until it is melted.

Then add your essential oils.


Poor this mixture into your chap stick containers.


And you have chapstick!

It really is that simple! After your done just clean up with hot water – and I mean right after your done before it hardens.

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  1. How many containers of chapstick does this make?


  2. Just a question with the crockpot, is it ok after cleaning it to still make meals in it? I assume so,just a question. It May seem dumb to ask such. Thanks.
    It seems much better than store bought. Now I need some bees wax.


    • Yes! I just make sure I clean it out really good. As long as you clean it as soon as your done with warm water so the wax doesn’t get a chance to harden it is super easy.


  3. Chapstick is my weakness. 🙂 Do you order the containers online? I have never seen them in a store. Do you mind sharing where you buy them from?


  4. This is one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever seen for chapstick. And you can still change up the flavors and colors as well. I love it! I try to do pretty much everything homemade. Pretty crunchy, I know, but it’s super fun!


  5. I know they carry the containers at Michael’s here in town.


  6. This recipe looks great and easy. Thanks for posting.


  7. How does this hold up with storing in your pocket.. My hubby uses chapstick regularly but worried about it melting?


    • We keep ours in our pockets and have never had a problem. Holds up just as well as chapstick you would buy at the store.


  8. Thanks for the recipe. I will try this! I have searched for all natural chapstick too, and this looks perfect!


  9. I have never used oils before. Where canI find them?


  10. I have just came across this and so want to make it. I am wanting to get into diy products. I use chap stick everyday and I’m always applying it through out the day. My lips get a burn feeling when I don’t use a good brand like Polysporin. Would this give give moisture our would I need to look further for something with more oils added?



  11. […] I had no idea what I was going to do to get rid of that painful itch. Then I remembered I had my peppermint chapstick! I applied it to the bites and the pain and itching stopped right away! Certainly something I […]


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