A Guide To Buying Alternative Health Products

beth November 1, 2012
 A Guide To Buying Alternative Health ProductsImage by woodleywonderworks

Many of the questions we get are about where to find things. Where do you buy that herb? Where do you find that oil? While I will not say these are the only companies you should by from – I will say they are the ones I trust. You should also make yourself aware of what questions to ask – and then not be afraid to ask them! 

Commonly Asked About:

Coconut Oil –  Tropical Traditions

With coconut oil you are looking at how it is made. You want a quality that has not been compromised in any way when using it for healing. You want a virgin coconut oil – which means it is not made with heat or chemicals. The less processing it goes through the more nutrients it contains. However, not even all virgin coconut oils are the same. You should be looking for a very white color when it solid and clear color when liquid. It should taste and smell very much like coconut. It your missing these things – it is most likely processed.

Herbs,Teas – Mountain Rose Herbs , Bulk Herb Store, Local

When buying herbs you want to know how they were raised and harvested. You need to ask questions: What farming practices were used? Chemicals? Did you harvest them and dry them a certain way? You should never be afraid to ask what you are buying. If an herb is raised poorly or with chemicals it can so you harm when you ingest it. Also, it is good to make sure the seller knows what they are selling and can tell you how to use it – that shows they are very aware of what they are doing! I also buy from out local farmers market when it is in season. They raise a herb garden on site and many locals also have some herbs for sale in season – and I can almost always get a deal.

Liquid Herbal  SupplementsTrilight Health

Recently, I got to try a product from Trilight Health. You can read my review to find out more of why I liked their company but I would certainly recommend them for ready made products. Their allergy mix has been amazing!

– A little bit of everything

I get a lot of things from Amazon. You can”t beat free two day shipping. However, I will caution that you really need to read the product information before you buy. On this site you can NOT trust that all things are alternative minded because they also sell mainstream. Make sure you are checking out the ingredients and details of how things are made before you buy and then again after you get the product in the mail.

Essential Oils 

I could go on and on about this one – instead read this series.

Where Do You Buy Your Products?


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