Integrative Therapies for Kids: A Series on Using Alternatives Healing Method for Kids During Illness and Health

beth October 30, 2012

This guest post comes from Megan of Purple Dancing Dahlias.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am a mom who had a child go through cancer. We chose to use alternative healing methods and integrative medicine in conjunction with federally mandated chemotherapy treatment.

There are several types of integrative medicine/alternative therapies one can use while going through an illness or use to maintain vibrant health, especially with children. In this series I want to share some of those methods and how we used them with our son, Jairden, during his cancer treatments. We did not use all the therapies I will talk about, as some are geared toward older kids/adults. What I am going to share and my experiences are not an exhaustive study of these therapies, they are meant to be a spring board for further investigation to see if they would be a right fit for you or your child.

Music Therapy: What is it?

Music therapy is exactly what it sounds like, using music to help calm and relax, decreasing stress to aid in healing. This could be doing as little as playing a favorite cd to aid in sleep/downtime activites or having a certified music therapist visit your child when they have inpatient hospital stays (if your blessed enough to have a hospital that has an integrative medicine department). The potential benefits of music therapy are pain management, physical rehabilitation, anxiety and stress reduction, family support, relaxation, normal growth and development, opportunities for choice and control, positive change in mood or emotion state, learning coping nbso online casino reviews skills and techniques, and to bring about a professional recovery lab. a positive physiological change.

How We Used It

Jairden loved it when the music therapist came during our inpatient chemotherapy stays. He loved her drums, especially the ones that had big swirls painted on them. Sometimes she would suggest songs, sometimes he would choose all on his own. She would play her guitar and sing and he would bang away Insgesamt ist der book of ra kostenlos ohne anmeldung Slot relativ dezent gehalten, denn irgendwie musste er sich ja ans Antike Rom anpassen – eine Zeit, in der kunterbunte Klamotten sicherlich noch nicht vorhanden waren. on those drums, singing right along. This was awesome for a couple of reasons. First: getting him to sit still was a challenge (who I am kidding, getting any three year old to sit still is a challenge). After surgery, he only weighed twenty-three pound, at two years old. He ate well through out chemotherapy and was still nursing but just maintaining his weight. We were narrowly escaping have to have a g-tube, so by getting him to sit still we were hopefully saving a few calories from being burned.

Second: It always made him smile. Erin, our therapist, was one of the few people that could make him smile. She was a safe person, that only brought fun and games. No medicine, no poking or prodding, no temperature or blood pressure checks. Just fun! It helped to relieve the massive amount of stress that I know he was feeling, and by relieving that stress we were helping him to heal. One of the things he like the best was when I would sing him lullabies and used his name in the song. In Baa-Baa Black Sheep, he was the “Little Boy that Lived Down the Lane”. Even now, a year later, he loves it when I sing those lullabies, he asks for them.

Not Just for Sick Kids

Music therapy can also greatly benefit the whole family of a child who is sick and in the hospital. It can be a way for the whole family to come together, to do something fun. Again, it can relieve the huge amount of stress that often goes with illness, especially if the family is apart for large periods of time. It has also been used in the public school settings and for kids with special needs.

Some kids will love music, for others it may be to much stimulation. The critical thing is to watch how your child responds, sometimes just a change in the type of music selected can decides whether the child enjoys themselves or not.The Following Selections have been found to be helpful in aiding in relaxation for all age groups.

“Water Music” by George Fredric Handel
“Spring” “Fall” or “Winter” by George Winston
“Clare de Lune” or “La Mer” by Claud DeBussy
Music Therapy Resources:

Do you use music therapy in your everyday activities (perhaps without even knowing it)? What is your favorite go to music to calm either yourself or your kids?

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  1. I’m sorry, hopefully I’m not understanding this right but federally mandated chemotherapy treatments? You mean you HAVE to get them for a child with cancer…? (Please accept my sincerest apologies if this is a touchy subject for you, but I would really like to know…just in case. If you don’t want to talk about it, I do understand…thanks).


    • Unfortunately Deitra, yes, you have to get chemotherapy/radiation treatments for childhood cancer. When all conventional treatments fail and doctors have given up any hope of your child surviving, then you can use alternative medicine. If you decline chemotherapy/radiation treatment CPS is call and the court system gets involved.

      There have been a few cased as of late were children were found to be cancer free before their treatment protocols were finished and doctors still wanted to finish the chemotherapy, taking the families to court. Here is one families fight.


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