Zero Tolerance and Forced Medicine

admin November 7, 2009

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This is really a reprint of an article I published in various places online (including my Facebook) in the spring. It’s a commentary on the direction that the medical industry is taking. For the record, we don’t think much of the medical industry and tend to avoid it as much as possible. We believe in the freedom to choose one’s own medical care, and do not think anyone should be forced to accept the “standard” care under any circumstances.

Zero Tolerance and Forced Medicine

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about forced medicine. The primary focus on this talk has been vaccination. Many people feel that vaccination is a matter of public health and should be fully mandatory, with no exceptions for religion or personal choice. The media isn’t helping, either: they, too, believe in mandatory vaccination, and go so far as to call those who refuse “dummies,” “ignorant,” and “just plain stupid.” It’s a lot of hype without much fact or information behind it.

In addition to this fight, the recent case of Daniel Hauser has created even more insanity. At what point do parents no longer have the right to choose – or refuse – medical care for their children? The government, the media, and mainstream society in general say it is when the children are ‘medically neglected’ and will suffer serious harm or death from refusing this treatment.

The entire movement to forced medicine is extraordinarily arrogant, one of the most arrogant things I’ve seen recently. It does, however, parallel the “zero tolerance” policies that schools put in place in the ‘90s, which most people have accepted were useless at best. These policies were enacted so that there would be no judgment calls, no cries of “unfair!” when certain situations arose.

As we know now, this punished many people. There was the story of the high school honors student who was suspended from school for bringing in a butter knife to cut her apple at lunch. She wasn’t using it outside of the cafeteria or for anything but its intended purpose, but – she brought a “weapon” to school. Another story involved a kindergartener who brought in his father’s gun to show his friends.

Clearly his parents had issues and should not have left the gun where such a young child could get it, but also the child had NO intention of shooting up the school. The child didn’t even understand what the gun really was or what it did. He, too, was suspended, much to the country’s unhappiness. Neither of these children were doing anything wrong – but because of misconceptions that public policy must be completely unambiguous, with no room for interpretation – innocent children were punished.

Current Medical Controversies

The same arrogance applies to the current medical controversies. In the frequent mainstream articles, reporters and medical personnel quoted within say “There is MOUNTAINS of scientific evidence supporting vaccination and NOTHING against it.” This is just a pure lie. There is plenty of scientific evidence noting that vaccines are associated with higher rates of asthma, allergies, and yes – even autism. If this “fact” were true, then the reporters could provide evidence to back up their statement – let’s actually SEE some of those ‘mountains of evidence.’ But not even a single source of study is ever listed. The reporters instead rely on people simply believing what they say without question and without evidence, and continuing to fear-monger in hopes that no one will try to look deeper and find out if what they’re saying is true.

Because it isn’t.

Anyone who does some research knows that there are NO studies proving that vaccines are safe, either individually or in combination. They contain many potential allergens (and parents don’t know if their children are allergic or not until it’s too late, as vaccines are recommended beginning with newborns), heavy metals (trace amounts of mercury do remain, as well as aluminum), monkey cells, aborted fetus tissue, and many other chemicals. The vaccines are tested not against true placebos (i.e. saline solution) but against other vaccines previously licensed or against the current vaccine with the antibody removed (but with all the chemical ingredients included). How can one assess the true safety of vaccines without a true placebo-controlled trial? Vaccines are also NOT tested in combination, based on age, weight, or any other individual circumstance. They are still licensed and universally recommended almost despite a child’s individual circumstances.

Despite all of this information (which is on the package inserts; doctors don’t read these or provide them to parents anymore before recommending and administering shots), parents somehow do NOT have the right to know this, or to choose what is best for their child. Children who are highly sensitive to heavy metals and who do not metabolize them well would be at high risk for reactions when given shots. But parents are supposed to take doctors’ word and inject children anyway, because “the benefits outweigh the risks.”

Do The “Benefits Outweigh The Risks?”

Do they? I don’t believe so. Even in non-vaccinated communities, rates of illness are low and rates of complications/death are even lower. Vaccine reactions, however, are much more common than one would think. Very few are ever reported because reporting is voluntary, and because doctors are trained to think that vaccinations could not possibly cause the reactions that they see – even if the reaction occurs immediately afterwards (as for reactions during trials – they are considered “coincidence,” or the drug companies separate a reaction into subcategories so it looks like serious side effects occurred in fewer cases).

It’s extraordinarily arrogant to assume that vaccines don’t cause reactions. Anything and everything can cause a reaction. Most people are annoyed by a bee sting, but a few immediately go into anaphylactic shock and could easily die. The same is true with peanuts, eggs, and many other seemingly innocent items. Nothing is safe across the board for everyone in every circumstance. To assume that it is is either entirely arrogant or just plain stupid. In this case, I’m voting for both. Doctors today are both arrogant AND stupid. Just try to show one some current research that suggests vaccines may not be so safe – first they’ll dismiss it outright as “not real evidence” (no matter how the study was conducted or by whom), and then they will get angry that you dared to even question their judgment at all. THEY went to medical school and you didn’t, so they know best. For everyone.

Forced Medicine

Supposing that all of this weren’t true (although it is, check out or, do doctors or worse, reporters, have the right to force parents into giving their children injections?

NO. They don’t. Because society as a whole cannot possibly know what is best for any individual child. No one has the right to tell any parent what to choose for their children. That is, whether or not to give vaccines, whether or not to give antibiotics, or whether or not to choose chemo for cancer. Parents must do their own research, be provided with informed consent forms, and if they refuse to consent, should be left alone.

Public policy, especially that which leaves no room for interpretation or different circumstances, has no business dictating any medical situation, ever. People and their situations are too individual for a blanket statement to cover everyone. The government has, in the past, harmed far more people than they’ve helped with such policies, which was only realized after the fact.

For another example, take the “swine flu” outbreak in the ‘70s. One person died of this flu; at least 25 were killed and many more were permanently disabled by the vaccine to prevent it. It’s just another example of public policy gone awry, and I doubt the government ever apologized for it. In fact, they don’t even seem to remember as
they’re attempting to do the same thing now.

The Government’s Role

The government’s role is to run the country so that people don’t have to think about the over all issues. There are too many for everyone to deal with and still have a life; it’s why we have a representative democracy. There are times and places for public policy, such as creating transportation systems and laws, the penitentiary system, and other large bodies. These are then governed at the state level, the county level, and the town level, where the laws are made more specific and interpreted as necessary. The government’s job is NOT to dictate public policy so strict that individual circumstances cannot be considered.

The government especially should stay out of our health care. The government does not know what is best for the people; it does not have the proper research. There is research out there to support MANY positions currently, from standard treatment to entirely alternative care (which, by the way, has really been around for thousands of years and has an incredible amount of evidence to back its use). There is absolutely no reason for the government to dictate that everyone should receive the same care under any circumstances.

And, no, public health doesn’t matter a bit. Public health is just a type of hysteria that people talk about, as if we can somehow prevent diseases and illness by doing something to everyone. It’s like giving everyone “preventative antibiotics” (and we all know about antibiotic resistance that has occurred from over-prescription and the deadly MRSA). Guess what? In any society where people live in close contact, diseases WILL spread, whether they are the common cold or something much more deadly. It can’t be avoided. It shouldn’t be avoided. To dictate that everyone MUST do something to somehow prevent the spread of disease is ludicrous and it strips people of personal freedoms. Not to mention that those who don’t vaccinate don’t even believe that vaccines work, so to mandate them is even more ridiculous.

In Summary

In the future, those who do not believe in vaccines will continue to resist, because we have done our research and we know that we are making the best choice for our families. We will continue to battle the government to stay out of our business because that’s what it is – OUR business. Especially with the research still being done, and new risks being found everyday, the government has no business creating public policy. Should they try, they will find more and more people are becoming chronically ill, injured, and dead, and they will be puzzled.

So far now we will stick with our freedoms. Choose to vaccinate or choose not to – it’s a free country (supposedly) and we will protect our right to choose at any cost.

How do you feel about the current culture of forced medicine?

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  1. Just wanted to pass along – had to get the flu mist yesterday (blew my nose as soon as I could, haha) and one of the questions on the form was 'are you allergic to any of the following ingredients' and on the list was thimerisol. I thought they claimed to remove that from vaccines before offering them?

    Also, for a vaccine that supposedly has only minor side effects, I definitely woke up twice last night, once with a charlie horse (still hurts now) and coughing. I haven't woken myself up by coughing in at least a month – somehow, I think the huffing live viruses thing messed me up. Oh wait, that's right, it's a vaccine and those aren't supposed to do you any harm. My bad…


  2. Emma,

    Yes, flu shots (and a few others) still contain thimerosal. The "safe" mercury. (As if mercury is ever safe?) Report your side effects to your doctor, and if he won't listen (likely), reports it here: Most people don't, because either their side effects are "minor," or their doctor convinces them that it's just coincidence.

    Just out of curiosity, since I'm posting on this soon…since you are in the military and have socialized health care, do you think it's a good idea for the country as a whole?


  3. I disagree with your comments on doctors intelligence. If doctors are "arrogant and stupid," why are they required to go through so much schooling? They are required to take several different tests just to be accepted into a school. A doctor requires at least 8 years of schooling beyond high school. If someone was "stupid" they would not be able to handle this much schooling. You saying that they are stupid is a horrible generalization. While some doctors may be less intelligent than others (as all people are) doctors are typically intelligent people. I'm sure if someone wanted to know the risks of a vaccine, a doctor would tell them if they asked. Doctors may not be required to tell everyone the risks before the actual injection because it is such a common procedure. Of course there are cases where people have poor reactions to vaccines. People have poor reactions to everything in the world. While I understand that you may not believe in vaccines, generalizing that all doctors are arrogant and stupid is wrong.


  4. Anonymous,

    I don't believe that just because someone has made it through 8 years of school, that they are necessarily intelligent or have any common sense. Many doctors DO want to help people but have been indoctrinated into a system that believes that intervention and drugs are they only way to do so. They are blind to anything they don't know and some are even arrogant about it. How many doctors have you met who have laughed off alternative medicine is "a bunch of bull" or worse? This happens too commonly. It is slowly changing as more and more people aren't buying that and are wanting alternative treatments. But, truly, any doctor who believes that his way is the ONLY right way and all patients will suffer and die without him, IS stupid and arrogant.


  5. I do think getting through eight years of undergraduate and medical school does mean they are intelligent. Perhaps they are educated rather than indoctrinated.


  6. Anonymous,

    "Intelligence" is not a measure of how much information you have in your head. It is your ability to sort through new information, to understand it, and to adjust your theories and beliefs accordingly. We would say someone who learns and understands new information (say, how to do a math problem) quickly is intelligent. We would not say that someone who knows a lot about, say, how to drive a car is necessarily intelligent (not that they couldn't be, but that's just not a measure of intelligence).

    When you go to a doctor, do you believe everything they tell you? Do you assume, just because they attended medical school, that they have kept up on current research? That they know all the information about each specialty area? They may be intelligent enough to understand it easily if presented with it, but how do you know they're reading it?

    As for indoctrination, that means to be immersed in a belief system. Almost all doctors are indoctrinated in Western medicine. They think that alternative medicine is, at best, potentially complementary to Western medicine and can help reduce side effects of treatments; and at worst it is crazy and dangerous. Most have not studied alternative medicine, because that was not their curriculum, but they believe it is bad. This is true in so many areas. They believe intervention is often the only way. I have several examples where it really isn't, but they are focusing on what they can do, rather than allowing things to left alone. It may be for entirely selfless reasons — like the driving need to HELP someone instead of doing nothing — but it still is not "best practices."

    If there is more interest I will post further on this subject.


  7. what qualifies as "alternative medicine"?


  8. Sara — typically anything outside of Western medicine. So, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, homeopathic, herbal treatments, etc. Non-drug theories.


  9. Wow, hard to believe this was all ramping up 5 years ago! It feels new to me for some reason. You were blogging very young, weren’t you? That’s awesome.

    I would love more posts on alternative vs. allopathic medicine! I am endlessly frustrated by people thinking in such a narrow “Trust the doctor” box.


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